Chapter 426: This Little B*tch Has Good Taste

“But I like this brand’s jewelry,” Chi Jiao said as she pointed at the jade bracelet on the counter. “Auntie, I like this bracelet a lot.”

When Gao Fengxia saw the price of the bracelet, she almost cursed out loud.

This little b*tch had good taste!

She had also taken a liking to the jade bracelet previously, but because it was too expensive, she couldn’t bear to buy it.

This little b*tch sure was greedy.

When Chi Jiao saw that Gao Fengxia’s expression was off, she pouted and looked at her timidly. “Auntie, didn’t you say that you would buy me whatever I like? Were you lying to me?”

The girl’s delicate and soft tone was filled with grievance.

When Dongfang Linlin saw Chi Jiao’s aggrieved expression, she immediately said to Gao Fengxia, “That’s right, Auntie. You said earlier that you would buy Jiaojiao anything she likes. What? You can’t bear to do it now?”

Her tone was filled with mockery.

The salesgirls at the counter also looked at Gao Fengxia.

For a moment there, Gao Fengxia felt like she had been slapped in the face in public. Her cheeks burned.

Having always valued her reputation more than her life, Gao Fengxia quickly came back to her senses and pretended to be calm. “How could that be? I just feel that Jiaojiao is young, and this jade bracelet is too mature for her. I didn’t say that I wasn’t willing to buy it. Since Jiaojiao likes it, I will buy it then.”

When Chi Jiao heard that, she instantly smiled. “Thank you, Auntie. You’re the best.”

Gao Fengxia gave a bitter laugh. Her heart ached dearly.

After she paid for it with a credit card, the receptionist wrapped up the bracelet and placed it in a shopping bag before handing it to Chi Jiao.

“Miss, you sure have good taste. This dragon and phoenix-themed jade bracelet is our brand’s star product for this season,” the receptionist said with a smile. She leaned closer to Chi Jiao’s ear and lowered her voice. “Actually, this bracelet is very suitable for you.”

Chi Jiao smiled and nodded. “Thank you. I like it very much.”

They left the jewelry section.

Gao Fengxia was clearly in low spirits.

This jaunt had cost her 200,000 yuan, which exceeded her budget by 100,000 yuan.

“Auntie, I’m thirsty,” Chi Jiao said. “Go buy two cups of milk tea for me and Sister Linlin.”

Her tone was as if she was ordering a maid around.

It was full of self-ent.i.tlement.

Gao Fengxia almost vomited blood from anger.

She had never been ordered around like this before.

However, when she thought of what Ruan Pengcheng instructed her earlier, that she was to please Chi Jiao no matter what, Gao Fengxia had no choice but to suppress her anger.

“Alright, I’ll go buy them for you. Wait here.” With that, Gao Fengxia stomped towards a nearby milk tea shop in her high heels, as if she was angry.

Chi Jiao and Dongfang Linlin stood there waiting for her.

Finally getting a chance to be alone with Chi Jiao, Dongfang Linlin hurriedly said, “Jiaojiao, listen to me. Auntie and Uncle can’t be trusted. You’ve seen their att.i.tude towards you the previous time. They’re suddenly treating you so well now. They must be up to something.”

She had never been able to hide anything in her heart. She would say whatever was on her mind.

Chi Jiao laughed softly after hearing what she said. “I know, Sister Linlin. Do I look like a little fool?”

Dongfang Linlin widened her eyes in surprise at her. “You, you knew? Then, why did you still…”

“It’s rare for Uncle and Auntie to be so generous and eager to please me. If I don’t play along, I would truly be letting them down.” Chi Jiao winked at her.

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