Chapter 429: Sisters Bound by Blood Ties

Gao Fengxia’s heart immediately trembled when she heard the words “007 Laboratory”.

007 Laboratory held a very high and unreachable status in their minds.

It was a G.o.d-level laboratory that was famous throughout the world. Many big shots from the medical field were gathered there.

How did Chi Jiao come into contact with 007 Laboratory?

While Gao Fengxia was a little jealous, she was also very excited.

She was even more determined to build a good relations.h.i.+p with Chi Jiao now.

She would be very useful to them in many ways.

When they reached home, Gao Fengxia couldn’t wait to show off the things she had bought for Chi Jiao to Ruan Dechun and Jun Wanzhi.

“Jiaojiao picked those two things. Anyway, a girl should own some high-end jewelry and bags,” Gao Fengxia said to them with a smile.

Ruan Xiaoxiao looked at her, resisting the strong urge to roll her eyes.

Her mother had never been so generous to her.

Had she gone mad? Why was she trying to b.u.t.ter up Chi Jiao now?

Ruan Xiaoxiao refused to admit that she was jealous. She glanced at Chi Jiao.

Ruan Dechun and Jun Wanzhi also felt that there was something wrong with her generosity today, but the two elders didn’t say anything. They only asked Jiaojiao to thank Gao Fengxia.

“We’re all family. There’s no need to be so polite. Jiaojiao, if your Uncle is in trouble, you’ll help him too, right?” Gao Fengxia hinted.

“I’m just a child. I might not be able to help Uncle much,” Chi Jiao said softly with a smile.

Gao Fengxia thought that she was being modest and said with a smile, “Even if you only do a little, your Uncle will be very grateful.”

Chi Jiao smiled without saying anything and glanced at Ruan Xiaoxiao from the corner of her eye.


Ruan Xiaoxiao was looking at her with disdain.

She also found it all very incredulous.

Ruan Xiaoxiao wasn’t stupid. Why was Gao Fengxia so stupid?

After chatting for a while on the sofa, Jun Wanzhi asked the servants to prepare dinner. In order to put herself in a good light, Gao Fengxia took the initiative to help out in the kitchen.

“Jiaojiao, are you in Year Two this year?” Ruan Xiaoxiao suddenly leaned over, taking the initiative to talk to her.

When Chi Jiao saw the harmless smile on her face, her lips curled up and she nodded.

“When school starts, I’ll transfer to your school as well.” Ruan Xiaoxiao placed her hand on top of hers. “I could have started from Year Three, but I felt that my studies would be too rushed. I don’t want to take the college entrance examination so soon, so I chose to start from Year Two. We might even be in the same cla.s.s.”

Sensing Ruan Xiaoxiao’s slightly cold hand, Chi Jiao’s smile deepened. Her deep black eyes stared straight at her as if she wanted to see through her skin to the deepest part of her heart. “It would be great if we can be in the same cla.s.s.”

“I think so, too.” Ruan Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “I went abroad for a few years and just came back. I don’t have many friends in the country.”

Chi Jiao calmly took her hand out of Ruan Xiaoxiao’s grasp and smiled. “After school starts, you’ll know many new cla.s.smates and make many new friends.”

“No matter how good friends can be, they will never be as close as us sisters.” Ruan Xiaoxiao looked meaningfully at her. “Jiaojiao, we’re sisters bound by blood ties.”

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