Chapter 430: Sisters Bound by Blood Ties, My a.s.s!

Ruan Xiaoxiao’s looks were very delicate and clean. She looked like a pretty daughter from a good, humble family.

Such looks would give people a very innocuous feeling, no sense of aggression or offensive power at all.

However, Chi Jiao knew very well what kind of soul was wrapped under Ruan Xiaoxiao’s skin.

Therefore, she really wanted to applaud her when she heard her little speech.

Sisters bound by blood ties, my a.s.s!

In her previous life, it was because of Ruan Xiaoxiao’s words that she started to build a good relations.h.i.+p with her.

She walked step by step into Ruan Xiaoxiao’s meticulously planned trap.

With a cold glint in her eyes, Chi Jiao smiled even more innocently than Ruan Xiaoxiao. “Sister Xiaoxiao, you’re right.”

Since they were good sisters, she had to let Ruan Xiaoxiao have a taste of the pain she went through in her previous life.

Next, Ruan Xiaoxiao started a deliberate chat with Chi Jiao.

She nonchalantly probed about her living situation.

Seeing her deliberate act, Chi Jiao was only too happy to play along.

On the surface, the two of them looked very harmonious.

After dinner was ready, Ruan Pengcheng brought Ruan Xuan back.

Ruan Xuan was originally listless, but the moment he saw Chi Jiao, he seemed to have had a shot of adrenaline and became energetic.

“Sister Jiaojiao, haven’t seen you in a while.” Ruan Xuan couldn’t wait to greet her and ignored Jun Wanzhi and Ruan Dechun, who were sitting at the dining table.

Chi Jiao looked up at him and observed his excitement. She smiled and nodded without batting an eyelid.

Her faint smile made Ruan Xuan feel as if his heart was being tickled by a kitten.

Ever since he saw Chi Jiao the last time, he couldn’t forget her.

He couldn’t even fall asleep when he thought of her at night.

He felt like he was lovesick.

That was why he was so excited to see Chi Jiao today.

When Ruan Dechun and Jun Wanzhi saw that Ruan Xuan didn’t greet them when he arrived, their expressions turned ugly.

“Child, why aren’t you greeting your grandparents?” Gao Fengxia realized that the two elders were dissatisfied with Ruan Xuan and shot him a look.

Only then did Ruan Xuan greet them with a cheeky smile.

Ruan Dechun snorted but couldn’t resist showing some concern. “Is your cold better?”

Ruan Xuan was immediately dumbfounded. When did he catch a cold?

Just as he was about to ask if Ruan Dechun was mistaken, Gao Fengxia, who was sitting beside him, stomped on his foot.

With a pained groan, Ruan Xuan turned to look at his mother.

“It’s just an ordinary cold. Xiao Xuan is a boy. He’s not that delicate. Dad, Mom, you don’t have to worry about him,” Gao Fengxia said with a dry smile.

“Dad, Mom, the food is getting cold. Don’t just sit there. Let’s start eating,” Ruan Pengcheng said as he picked up some food for them. He then picked up a drumstick and placed it in Chi Jiao’s bowl. “Jiaojiao, don’t stand on ceremony. Eat more.”

At this moment, his att.i.tude towards her was completely different from before.

Chi Jiao thanked him indifferently.

For the rest of the dinner, Ruan Pengcheng and Gao Fengxia showered Chi Jiao with attention.

Before Ruan Pengcheng returned, Gao Fengxia had called him to report that Chi Jiao had contacts at 007 Laboratory.

Ruan Pengcheng hadn’t planned to return for dinner tonight, but after hearing what she said, he immediately rushed back.

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