Chapter 431: Sister Jiaojiao, I’m Afraid of Pain

The couple seemed to be in compet.i.tion as they heaped food on her plate.

Chi Jiao could feel Ruan Pengcheng and Gao Fengxia’s strong desire to please her, but she only smiled and said nothing.

After dinner, Chi Jiao looked at Ruan Xuan as he stood up from the dining table. She suddenly said, “Brother Xiao Xuan, you don’t look too good.”

Ruan Xuan was immediately flattered by her initiative to show concern for him. He looked at her and reached up to touch his face.

Ruan Dechun and Jun Wanzhi looked at him as well.

They also realized that Ruan Xuan didn’t look too good. He was deathly pale. He was so young but already had eye bags. The dark circles around his eyes were also very serious.

It was obvious at a glance that he didn’t look healthy.

Gao Fengxia’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Chi Jiao taking the initiative to show concern for Ruan Xuan.

She suddenly had a bad feeling.

Indeed, she heard Chi Jiao speak again.

“Didn’t you catch a cold? Let me help you with some acupuncture. I guarantee that you’ll be fine by the time I’m done.” Chi Jiao smiled at him.

Ruan Xuan couldn’t resist her smile at all.

He nodded in agreement, not caring whether he was really sick or not.

“I’ll go prepare, then. Come to the living room later. We’ll do it there.” With that, Chi Jiao stood up and walked out of the dining room.

Dongfang Linlin helped Jun Wanzhi stand up and walked out of the dining room with Ruan Dechun.

Ruan Xiaoxiao helped the servants clear the dishes.

“Second Miss, you don’t have to do these Go rest.” The maid looked at Ruan Xiaoxiao gratefully.

“It’s alright. It will be faster if I help you,” Ruan Xiaoxiao said gently to the maid.

“Second Miss, you’re really beautiful and kind,” the maid said from the bottom of her heart.

Ruan Xiaoxiao smiled but remained silent.

Gao Fengxia pulled Ruan Xuan out of the dining room and whispered to him, “Are you crazy? You’re not sick, why did you agree to let Chi Jiao treat you with acupuncture?”

“Who asked you to lie to Grandma and Grandpa? If I didn’t agree, wouldn’t I be exposing myself? Mom, you’re so silly.” With that, Ruan Xuan rolled his eyes at her in disdain.

“You!” Gao Fengxia felt that he was talking sense and couldn’t refute him.

“I’m going to find Sister Jiaojiao.” With that, Ruan Xuan eagerly headed toward Chi Jiao.

Gao Fengxia looked at his back and stomped her feet in exasperation.

She was worried that having acupuncture when one wasn’t ill would produce a bad effect. But there was nothing she could do now.

If Ruan Dechun and Jun Wanzhi found out about her lie, she would have to bear the consequences!

Meanwhile, Chi Jiao was already ready.

She asked Ruan Xuan to take off his s.h.i.+rt and lie on the sofa.

There was a heater in the room, so it wouldn’t be cold even if he was half-naked. Ruan Xuan complied.

He quickly took off all his clothes, revealing his upper body that was as thin as a skeleton.

As Chi Jiao looked at Ruan Xuan, she couldn’t help but think of Quan Jue’s eight-pack abs. She felt that this sight before her now was rather repulsive.

However, Ruan Xuan didn’t sense her revulsion. He looked at Chi Jiao with a cheeky smile. “Sister Jiaojiao, I’m very afraid of pain. Be gentle.”

Chi Jiao had a brilliant smile on her face, but her eyes were cold. “Just lie down and don’t move around.”

“I promise I won’t move.” Ruan Xuan looked deeply at her before lying on the sofa.

Ruan Dechun, Jun Wanzhi, and Dongfang Linlin were all watching. Gao Fengxia was worried and walked over to watch as well.

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