Chapter 432: Stop It! I Can’t Take It Anymore

Ruan Xuan originally thought that it was just acupuncture and wouldn’t hurt much.

However, after Chi Jiao’s first shot, his body trembled violently and he let out a scream like a pig being slaughtered.

The intense pain was like thousands of ants corroding his bones. It quickly spread from the place where the needles were inserted to every nerve in his body.

“Don’t move!” Chi Jiao’s slightly stern voice was heard. “If you move, the needle will deviate from its original position. It might hurt one of your nerves and paralyze your entire body.”

Chi Jiao was very good at keeping a poker face when scaring someone.

Ruan Xuan immediately stopped moving.

However, the bone-piercing pain did not disappear. Ruan Xuan cried out, “Sister Jiaojiao, didn’t you say that acupuncture doesn’t hurt? Why… why is it so painful?”

“It’s because I pierced your Bailing acupuncture point. You’ve indulged too much and have an irregular lifestyle. Your kidneys and spleen are weak, giving rise to an internal heat that lowers your immunity. I’m helping you clear your acupuncture point to get rid of the heat. When the heat is gone, your cold will naturally recover,” Chi Jiao said mildly.

When they heard the words “excessive indulgence”, Ruan Dechun and Jun Wanzhi’s faces darkened.

They both looked at Gao Fengxia.

They had more or less heard about what Ruan Xuan usually did outside.

It wasn’t the first time they had reminded Gao Fengxia to discipline Ruan Xuan well.

But she refused to listen.

No wonder Ruan Xuan didn’t look too good. Now that they thought about it, his sickly appearance was exactly like that of a person who had been overly indulgent.

Gao Fengxia didn’t expect Chi Jiao to be so direct, and her expression turned a little awkward. “Jiaojiao, stop joking. Your Brother Xiao Xuan is still young. He doesn’t even have a girlfriend. How can he be indulging too much…”

Towards the end, Gao Fengxia’s voice became softer and softer. It was obvious that she couldn’t continue.

She knew she was just grasping at straws.

Ruan Xiaoxiao glanced at her mother.

She sighed for the millionth time in her heart.

Why did she have such a stupid mother?

“Jiaojiao, you don’t have to feel sorry for Xiao Xuan. Treat him well,” Ruan Xiaoxiao said to her. “Xiao Xuan’s body is indeed too weak. I see that many boys his age are stronger than him.”

Gao Fengxia glared at her when she heard that.

Ruan Xiaoxiao pretended not to see it.

Chi Jiao jabbed him with another needle.

Ruan Xuan screamed again.

“Don’t move.” A girl’s soft voice rang out above him. Ruan Xuan gritted his teeth and did not dare to move.

Chi Jiao saw him trembling uncontrollably from the pain and smiled gently.

Her tiny, devilish smile was fleeting.

She had deliberately pierced the most painful part of the human body. Ruan Xuan’s tolerance was stronger than she had imagined.

Initially, she thought that he wouldn’t be able to endure beyond two needles. He would immediately admit that he was not sick and did not need acupuncture.

Chi Jiao quickly inserted another needle.

At this third needle, Ruan Xuan once again felt a pain several times more intense than before.

He immediately gave up and shouted without care, “Stop!”

Chi Jiao blinked and looked at him in confusion. “You’re sick. I’m treating you. How can I stop just like that?”

“I’m not sick! I don’t have a cold! My mother is lying! Sister Jiaojiao, pull the needles out now! It really hurts!” Ruan Xuan shouted.

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