Chapter 433: d.a.m.n Little Nosy B*tch Made Her Look Bad

Gao Fengxia’s legs went soft at Ruan Xuan’s words.

She subconsciously looked at Jun Wanzhi and Ruan Dechun.

The two elders’ faces could only be described as black as thunder.

The first rule of the Ruan family was that no lies were allowed.

Chi Jiao had already achieved her goal, so she removed the needles from him.

Ruan Xuan was still groaning in pain.

“What’s wrong?” Ruan Pengcheng asked as he entered the living room at this moment. He had gone out to make a call earlier. He sensed that the atmosphere in the living room was a little tense.

“What’s wrong? Your good wife and son sure know how to lie. They treat your father and me as old fogies,” Jun Wanzhi said with a cold smile.

When Ruan Pengcheng heard that, he turned to look at Gao Fengxia.

“I… I didn’t do it on purpose. I…” Gao Fengxia didn’t know how to explain. She was so anxious that she was sweating.

At the same time, she couldn’t help but curse Chi Jiao in her heart.

d.a.m.n little b*tch. Why did she have to be so meddlesome? She made her look bad!

“I’ll settle this with you guys when I get home!” Ruan Pengcheng glared at them fiercely and then looked at his parents. He smiled apologetically and changed the topic. “Dad, Mom, Fengxia and Xiao Xuan are ignorant. I’ll teach them a good lesson when I get back. Calm down, the two of you. It won’t be good if your health is affected by anger.”

Ruan Dechun snorted heavily and looked at him with disappointment. “Pengcheng, you have to take good care of Xiao Xuan. Look at our children. Whether it’s Jiaojiao, Xiaoxiao, or Linlin, they’re all promising children. Only Xiao Xuan behaves like a hedonistic playboy every day. If this continues, he’ll be completely spoiled sooner or later.”

When Chi Jiao heard that, a dark glint flashed across her eyes.

There was no sooner or later. Ruan Xuan was already rotten to the bones now.

“I understand. I’ll definitely discipline him well,” Ruan Pengcheng said seriously. He then walked to Ruan Xuan, grabbed his ear, and lifted him off the sofa. “Hurry up and apologize to your grandparents! You brat, how dare you lie to your grandparents? You must be tired of living!”

Ruan Xuan’s ears hurt and he kept groaning.

Seeing this, Gao Fengxia’s heart ached for Ruan Xuan, but she didn’t dare to stop him.

“Grandpa, Grandma, I’m sorry.” Ruan Xuan looked at Jun Wanzhi and Ruan Dechun as he apologized reluctantly.

When Jun Wanzhi and Ruan Dechun saw him like this, they both felt rather helpless.

“We’re old, and we can’t afford to waste time with you guys. Come, Old Madam, let’s go back to our rooms to rest,” Ruan Dechun said as he stood up.

Jun Wanzhi stood up as well, and the two of them supported each other as they walked towards their room.

“I’m going to check on Grandpa and Grandma,” Dongfang Linlin said to Chi Jiao. She was worried about them.

Chi Jiao nodded.

In the blink of an eye, only Ruan Xiaoxiao, Ruan Xuan, and Ruan Pengcheng were left in the living room.

“Come with me,” Ruan Pengcheng said coldly to her.

Gao Fengxia knew that he was going to scold her now. She looked at Ruan Xuan and Ruan Xiaoxiao for help.

Ruan Xuan turned his gaze toward Chi Jiao again, while Ruan Xiaoxiao looked down as if she didn’t see her mother’s pleading gaze.

Therefore, Gao Fengxia could only stomp her feet helplessly and leave with Ruan Pengcheng.

“Sister Jiaojiao, you’re amazing. I feel much lighter than before,” Ruan Xuan said as he stared at her with adoring eyes.

“Is that so? I can perform acupuncture on you a few more times in the future,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

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