Chapter 435: It Would Be a Pity If Such a Pretty Girl Became an Imbecile

Dahui and Xiaoliang had been hearing Ruan Xuan talk about his Sister Jiaojiao a lot recently. They couldn’t wait to open the backseat door to see what the young girl looked like.

The moment the car door opened, Dahui and Xiaoliang were stunned.

They saw a young girl leaning against the backseat with her eyes closed. Her long, black hair cascaded over her shoulders like seaweed, and her skin was as fair as snow. She was wearing a white sweater and a light pink woolen vest, paired with a pleated skirt and suede boots. Her legs were straight and long.

Her facial features were exquisite and flawless, like a doll on display.

This young lady was really good-looking. She was exactly what every straight man wanted.

That was what Dahui and Xiaoliang thought.

“Sister Jiaojiao, we’re here,” Ruan Xuan deliberately shouted at her.

However, Chi Jiao didn’t seem to have heard him. Her eyelids didn’t move and her body remained motionless.

“How much medicine did you use? If you use too much, her brain will be damaged. It would be a pity if such a beautiful girl became an imbecile,” Dahui said to Ruan Xuan.

“If only she could really become an imbecile. In the future, when I want to play with her, I won’t have to spend so much effort to drug her anymore,” Ruan Xuan said as he bent down to pull Chi Jiao out of the car. He carried her over his shoulder and hurriedly walked towards the entrance of the warehouse.

Dahui and Xiaoliang hurried forward to open the door for him.

The warehouse wasn’t big, and there were many old and tattered items inside.

In the middle of the warehouse was a very old wooden bed with a lamp hanging on the top.

The dim yellow light barely illuminated the surroundings.

Ruan Xuan placed Chi Jiao on the wooden bed.

He couldn’t wait to take off his own clothes.

Although the weather was still very cold, he was unafraid of it because of the evil fire in his body.

When Dahui and Xiaoliang saw how impatient he was, they smiled wretchedly.

“Same old rules. I’ll go first. The two of you, go out and chill,” Ruan Xuan said to them.

“Don’t take too long. It’s cold outside,” Xiaoliang said.

Ruan Xuan kicked him. “F*ck, you talk too much. Go!”

Xiaoliang smiled awkwardly and followed Dahui out.

In the blink of an eye, only Ruan Xuan and Chi Jiao were left in the warehouse.

Ruan Xuan looked at the girl lying on the bed and almost drooled.

“Jiaojiao, I’ve been thinking about you every day recently. I miss you so much that I don’t even want to eat or drink anymore,” Ruan Xuan said as he climbed onto the wooden bed and picked up the scissors placed on it.

This pair of scissors was to be used to cut her clothes.

Just as the scissors were about to touch her, Chi Jiao’s eyes suddenly opened.

A pair of pitch-black eyes met Ruan Xuan’s.

Ruan Xuan was stunned for a moment. Before he could react, Chi Jiao raised her hand and slapped him heavily.

“Ah!” Ruan Xuan screamed as his body rolled off the wooden bed like he was a piece of trash falling to the ground with a dull thud.

Chi Jiao’s slap was ruthless. After Ruan Xuan fell to the ground, he spat out a bloodied molar.

Standing outside, Dahui and Xiaoliang could faintly hear the screams coming from the warehouse. They thought that Ruan Xuan was shouting because he was enjoying himself. The two of them looked at each other and smiled wretchedly.

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