Chapter 438: What Kind of Miraculous Fate Is This?

Xiaoliang felt a suffocating pain in his heart. The steel pipe slipped from his hand, and he took a few steps back while holding his chest.

Chi Jiao looked at his pale face and smiled in disdain.

How dare a hooligan, whose body had been ravaged by alcohol and s.e.x, act so arrogantly?

The world was becoming more and more illogical.

She didn’t intend to let Xiaoliang off just like that.

This hooligan had just scolded her.

She would strike her enemies while they were at their weakest.

This was Chi Jiao’s principle now. Taking advantage of the time when Xiaoliang was clutching his chest and gasping, she hooked the pole up from the ground with her foot and kicked it up, catching it firmly with her hand.

Before Xiaoliang could figure out what was going on, he was. .h.i.t by a steel pipe.

All of a sudden, there seemed to be a lot of birds chirping beside his head. Xiaoliang’s body fell limply to the ground, feeling dizzy.

Chi Jiao’s gaze wandered back and forth between Xiaoliang and Dahui.

She then took out a silver needle from her pocket.

She brought silver needles with her everywhere she went. In this way, she could protect herself and also save lives.

She stuck the silver needles on Dahui and Xiaoliang’s heads.

Those needles were very well hidden and would not be discovered.

However, Dahui and Xiaoliang’s brains had already suffered irreversible damage. In the future, they would be simple fools.

After doing all of this, Chi Jiao took off her coat and deliberately put some dirt on her face, and messed up her hair.

Finally, she picked up the pole on the ground and placed it in Dahui’s hand.

Holding his hand, she hit the pole hard against her left arm.

The blow fractured her arm.

Chi Jiao was in so much pain that she started crying. She gasped.

She then called the police and described how she had been kidnapped and drugged. Then, she sat on the ground and waited.

About 20 minutes later, Chi Jiao heard sirens.

Soon, the door to the warehouse was kicked open from the outside.

A few policemen came in with guns in their hands.

Chi Jiao saw Huo Chen in his police uniform.

Chi Jiao didn’t expect it would be him again and fell silent.

What kind of miraculous fate was this?

When the policemen saw Ruan Xuan, Dahui, and Xiaoliang, they immediately understood what was going on.

The three of them had been arrested for fighting and committing indecent acts against women before. However, they were young and had been exempted from punishment.

The police officers who were familiar with these three people hated them to the core.

Although the three of them were still young, their actions were very cruel.

In their eyes, human beings were just toys.

Some adults didn’t even dare to kill chickens.

The ambulance brought Ruan Xuan, Dahui, and Xiaoliang away.

Chi Jiao sat on the ground in a daze. She looked like she had been scared stiff. No matter what the police officers said to her, she did not react.

Huo Chen looked at Chi Jiao’s pathetic figure. She sat on the ground with a blank expression on her face, and the veins on her forehead were bulging.

An unprecedented rage and heartache filled his heart. He wanted to kill those three little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

He slowly walked in front of Chi Jiao and squatted down, trying his best to sound gentle. “Jiaojiao, I’m Huo Chen. Don’t be afraid, no one here can hurt you now.”

Chi Jiao’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, and her gaze slowly s.h.i.+fted to Huo Chen. Then, her tears flowed down like broken beads. “Uncle Huo…”

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