Chapter 439: He’s Going to Strangle That Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d

The moment the words ‘Uncle Huo’ drifted into Huo Chen’s ears, he felt as if something very soft was burrowing into his heart.

Huo Chen took off his jacket and draped it over Chi Jiao. He then reached out to grab her arm, wanting to help her up from the ground.

However, just as his hand touched her arm, Chi Jiao suddenly flinched, and her tears fell even harder.

“It hurts, my arm hurts…” The girl’s soft and sweet voice was filled with grievance.

Huo Chen quickly removed his hand and ordered the officers beside him. “Bring another stretcher.”

Two hours later, it was already 11:00 PM at White City Hospital.

After Chi Jiao was examined, it was confirmed that her only serious injury was on her arm. She had suffered a fracture and had a cast put on.

Huo Chen personally asked her about the situation and made a statement.

When he heard Chi Jiao say that Ruan Xuan had drugged the mineral water, he almost broke the pen in his hand.

He remembered that Ruan Xuan and Chi Jiao were somehow related.

From the looks of it, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d was beyond hope. He was no longer human!

“Officer Huo, please come out for a moment.” A young female police officer stood at the door of Chi Jiao’s ward and called out to him.

Huo Chen looked meaningfully at Chi Jiao, who was lying on the bed. He then got up and walked out.

“Have you notified their families?” Huo Chen asked the policewoman after leaving the ward.

“I’ve informed them. They should be here soon,” the policewoman replied.

“How are the three of them?” Huo Chen asked slowly.

An awkward expression flashed across the policewoman’s face. “The three of them are more seriously injured than the young lady. Ruan Xuan has become impotent, while Yu Dahui and Dan Xiaoliang suffered brain damage.”

Huo Chen narrowed his eyes.

That girl was probably really scared out of her wits, so she had attacked them more viciously than the previous time.

Chi Mingwei immediately rushed to the hospital after receiving the news.

He was the first parent to arrive at the hospital.

Running to the ward, Chi Mingwei saw Chi Jiao sitting on the bed with a cast on her arm with a pale face. His heart twisted.

“Jiaojiao.” Chi Mingwei quickly walked to the bed and hugged her, his voice trembling.

During the phone call, he had already briefly asked Huo Chen about what happened.

He never thought that Ruan Xuan would dare to target Chi Jiao.

At that moment, he was scared out of his wits!

“Daddy, I’m fine now. Don’t worry.” Chi Jiao obediently placed her face in his arms and whispered.

Chi Mingwei patted her back, his heart still thumping with a lingering fear. “It’s good that you’re fine. It’s good that you’re fine…”

Then, he let go of her and walked out of the ward.

“Daddy, where are you going?” Chi Jiao quickly called out to him.

Chi Mingwei didn’t even pause. “I’m going to look for Ruan Xuan.”

That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually dared to have such dirty thoughts about his precious Jiaojiao. He was going to strangle that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Before Chi Mingwei could leave the room, Huo Chen pushed the door open and entered.

“Mr. Chi, what’s the use of looking for Ruan Xuan now?” Huo Chen said after entering the ward.

He could feel Chi Mingwei’s anger.

In fact, his anger was no less than Chi Mingwei’s.

But so what?

Ruan Xuan disregarded the law and did things that violated the rules.

Were they going to disregard the law too, and use violence to vent their anger?

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