Chapter 440: Jiaojiao, Be Obedient

“It’s not the first time that rascal has done something like this,” Chi Mingwei said coldly. “Are we just going to let him continue harming others in the future?”

If he were Ruan Xuan’s father, he would have broken his legs the first time he did such a beastly thing.

His own child might be a treasure to him, but so were other children to their parents.

The reason why Ruan Xuan turned out like this was also due to Gao Fengxia and Ruan Pengcheng.

In the past, when Gao Fengxia and Ruan Pengcheng schemed against Chi Mingwei, they mocked and ridiculed him whenever they saw him. Even so, he never held any grudge against them.

But now, Chi Mingwei really hated them.

He wished he could kill them, too.

“Ruan Xuan will receive the punishment he deserves. I promise he won’t have the chance to harm anyone again,” Huo Chen said calmly.

“Dad, you have to believe Officer Huo.” Chi Jiao’s weak voice came from behind him.

Chi Mingwei didn’t believe Huo Chen, but he had to listen to Jiaojiao.

He was like a deflated ball that had lost all its strength.

“Jiaojiao, how are you feeling?” Huo Chen slowly walked to the bed and asked her.

Subconsciously, the way he addressed Chi Jiao had become so intimate.

Chi Jiao looked at him with a faint smile. “I feel much better.”

Huo Chen looked at her pale face and sighed in his heart.

She was just a little girl who had been through a lot.

“Rest well.” Huo Chen looked at Chi Jiao as if he was making a promise to her. “The bad guys will receive the punishment they deserve. You will be fine.”

Chi Jiao nodded. “I believe in the law and the police.”

She sounded extremely obedient.

Huo Chen couldn’t help but raise his thin lips. He looked at the little girl in front of him who was as soft and cute as a doll. He subconsciously raised his hand to touch her head.

But before his hand could touch Chi Jiao, she leaned back and avoided it.

“Uncle Huo, I’m not a kid. Don’t even think about rubbing my head,” Chi Jiao said seriously.

Only then did Huo Chen realize what he was about to do. He retracted his hand awkwardly. “Sorry.”

Chi Mingwei narrowed his eyes and looked at him. He felt that there was something wrong with this police officer.

Huo Chen didn’t stay in the ward for long. Before leaving, he reminded Chi Jiao to take care of her injury.

Chi Mingwei sat by the bed and looked at Chi Jiao. “Jiaojiao, did you tell Quan Jue about your injury?”

“No, Daddy, I want to be discharged tomorrow.” Chi Jiao wanted to be discharged before Quan Jue came back.

“What’s the hurry?” Chi Mingwei frowned. “No, I don’t agree. Your injury is so serious. You have to stay in the hospital until you recover.”

“Daddy, it’s not as serious as you think. I can take care of myself…”

Before she could finish speaking, Chi Mingwei put on a stern expression. “Jiaojiao, listen to me.”

Chi Jiao rarely saw such a stern expression on Chi Mingwei’s face.

Although she was usually a little willful, she would use her trump card to achieve her goals.

Throw a girly tantrum.

But now was definitely not the time to be willful. Her willfulness would make her father even more worried and sad.

Hence, the girl could only give a soft sigh and say, “Alright, then.”

Chi Mingwei reached out to touch her head. “Be good and rest for a while.”

Chi Jiao was indeed tired from all the trouble tonight. After lying down, she closed her eyes.

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