Chapter 443: You Turned My Son Into a Halfwit

“You b*tch! How dare you turn my son into a halfwit! I’ll kill you!” Jin Hongjie took the lead and pounced on Chi Jiao.

She looked no different from a shrew.

Gao Fengxia watched this scene with excitement.

Didn’t Ruan Pengcheng tell her not to stir trouble with Chi Jiao?


So it should be fine if she got someone else to create trouble for her, right?

The hatred Bian Shurong and Jin Hongjie had for Chi Jiao was at least as intense as hers.

Yu Dahui and Dan Xiaoliang had turned into complete imbeciles. She had gone to take a look just now. The eyes of those two guys drooped, and they only laughed when they saw anyone. They were in an even more serious state than her precious son.

Bian Shurong stood there waiting to make her move after Jin Hongjie was finished with Chi Jiao.

Initially, she thought that Jin Hongjie would slap Chi Jiao’s face after rus.h.i.+ng to the bed.

Unexpectedly, just as her slap was about to land on her face, Chi Jiao tilted her head and dodged it.

Chi Jiao then stretched out her little foot.

She kicked Jin Hongjie hard in the stomach, causing her to the ground and her head to hit the floor with a loud thud.

Just the sight of it made one feel her pain.

Bian Shurong and Gao Fengxia were dumbstruck.

Jin Hongjie laid on the ground in pain.

“I’m sorry, auntie. I didn’t control my strength. Are you alright?” The culprit looked at Jin Hongjie innocently.

Jin Hongjie was so angry that her insides hurt. She held the back of her swollen head and stood up, then pointed at Chi Jiao with a trembling hand. “You did it on purpose.”

“You’re right.” Chi Jiao nodded seriously. “I did it on purpose, but I didn’t expect you to be so stupid. Aunties, are the three of you here to avenge your sons?”

“You’re already so vicious at such a young age. Aren’t you afraid of retribution?!” Bian Shurong looked at her sternly.

“Retribution?” Chi Jiao found it hilarious to hear that word coming out of her mouth. She turned to look at Bian Shurong with a mocking gaze. “Don’t you think that your son’s current state is retribution?”

Bian Shurong was rendered speechless by Chi Jiao’s question.

She knew what her son had done.

But so what?

Her son was still young. Wasn’t it normal for him to make some mistakes?

When he grew up, he would naturally understand some principles and would naturally not make such mistakes again.

“Don’t listen to her nonsense. Regardless, we should be the ones to teach our own children. When did she get the right to teach them a lesson?” Gao Fengxia said.

The two women nodded in agreement. They felt that her words were very reasonable.

Bian Shurong and Jin Hongjie had already decided before they came.

Even if they had to sacrifice their own lives, they had to teach Chi Jiao a lesson.

Just as the atmosphere was unbearably tense, the door of the ward opened.

Quan Jue strolled into the ward carrying soy milk and steamed buns.

The cold aura around the young man instantly caused the temperature in the ward to drop a few degrees.

Gao Fengxia, Bian Shurong, and Jin Hongjie stared blankly at the young man standing half a meter away from them.

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