Chapter 444: Other Than Quan Jue, There Was No One Else Else

The young man looked slender and thin. He was as handsome as the devil, but he exuded an unapproachable and chilly aura.

They had never seen such a good-looking young man before, but they were also intimidated by his aura.

“Who are you?” Quan Jue’s gaze slowly swept across the three women before him.

“We’re here to look for Chi Jiao. I’m her aunt.” Gao Fengxia was the first to come back to her senses.

Quan Jue could sense that the three people in front of him had ill intentions.

Frowning, the gloom in the young man’s eyes became even more obvious.

“You guys go out. Don’t disturb Jiaojiao’s rest,” Quan Jue said simply.

“Eh? Why are you so rude?” Bian Shurong asked him unhappily.

Quan Jue didn’t say anything and only glanced at her.

It was just an extremely indifferent glance, but it made Bian Shurong feel as if her entire body had fallen into an ice pit. An uncontrollable wave of fear emerged from the depths of her heart.

Gao Fengxia and Jin Hongjie couldn’t help but fear Quan Jue’s coldness. They felt that the young man in front of them was not someone to be trifled with. Hence, they left the ward, dragging Bian Shurong with them.

After the three women left, the ward finally returned to silence.

Quan Jue placed the steamed buns on the table and handed the soy milk to Chi Jiao.

Chi Jiao took the soy milk, after which Quan Jue handed her a crab meat bun.

“Your favorite crab meat bun.”

Chi Jiao accepted it and took a bite. Then, she nodded with sparkling eyes. “Delicious.”

She then placed her partly-eaten crab meat bun by Quan Jue’s mouth.

She wanted him to eat some, too.

Quan Jue took a bite of the crab meat bun.

Just like that, the two of them finished the little bun together.

After eating, Chi Jiao could feel that Quan Jue’s mood seemed to have improved.

“Brother Quan, did you come back by yourself? Where’s Auntie?” she suddenly asked.

“Her flight is tomorrow,” Quan Jue answered lightly.

“After Auntie comes back, where do you plan to let her stay? Why don’t Auntie stay at our house, too? There are more rooms at home, anyway,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

“She’s planning to return to the Xu family. Her elder brother knows that she’s still alive and has been looking for her.”

Chi Jiao nodded.

She knew that Lu Xian used to have a good relations.h.i.+p with her elder brother and felt that this was a good idea.

Chi Jiao stayed in the hospital for more than a week before she was discharged.

When the doctor removed her plaster, he kept praising her recovery speed.

Her injuries were completely healed.

After returning home from the hospital, Chi Jiao found out through Chi Mingwei that Ruan Pengcheng’s company had a problem. Someone anonymously reported that their company had been evading taxes and was fraudulent. Not only that, but Ruan Pengcheng was also suspected of smuggling and other criminal activities.

Just yesterday, Ruan Pengcheng was officially arrested.

On top of that, misfortune also fell upon the families of Yu Dahui and Dan Xiaoliang. They both went bankrupt.

Chi Jiao didn’t tell Yan Zhengchen and the rest about her injury. Amongst her close friends and family, only Chi Mingwei and Quan Jue knew about it.

Hence, she knew who did all of this without having to think much.

Other than Quan Jue, there was no one else.

Today, when Chi Jiao was discharged from the hospital, Quan Jue didn’t come to pick her up. He only called her in advance and told her to wait at home. He needed to deal with something first.

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