Chapter 445: Give Up

“Jiaojiao, have you forgotten what the first of next month is?” Chi Mingwei asked with a smile when he saw Chi Jiao sitting on a rocking chair on the balcony with Milk in her arms.

Chi Jiao thought about it and asked curiously, “What day is it?”

Chi Mingwei sighed helplessly. “You don’t even remember your own birthday? Silly girl, the first day of next month is your 18th birthday.”

After Chi Mingwei’s reminder, Chi Jiao thought of this, and her big eyes flashed with excitement.

She would officially turn 18 next month!

She was an adult.

She could flirt with Quan Jue without fear!

Thinking of this, Chi Jiao’s eyes lit up.

“Previously, your grandfather said that you’ve been in Mount Li for so many years, and you’ve never celebrated your birthday at home before. This time, it just so happens to be your 18th birthday, so let’s have a proper banquet and invite more people to celebrate with you. What do you think?” Chi Mingwei asked with a smile.

“I have no objections.” Chi Jiao lowered her eyes to hide the sparkle in them as her lips curled up slightly.

Previously, Quan Jue had always thought of her as a little kid because she wasn’t 18 yet.

Next month, she would officially become an adult. If Quan Jue still treated her as a kid, she could openly refute him.


At the Ruan residence.

Gao Fengxia sat on the sofa and cried.

“Mom, this definitely has something to do with Chi Jiao. She must have found someone to do this so that she could send our family to h.e.l.l,” Gao Fengxia said to Jun Wanzhi as she cried.

When Jun Wanzhi heard this, she did not sympathize with Gao Fengxia at all. She even frowned and looked at her with dissatisfaction. “You still have the cheek to cry? Didn’t your father and I always advise you and Pengcheng to take good care of your son and not spoil him too much? Did you listen to us?”

“Mom, what’s the point of saying all this now? Xiao Xuan is your biological grandson, and Pengcheng is your biological son. Are you really not going to help them?” Gao Fengxia looked at Jun Wanzhi, a hidden resentment in her eyes.

If she had any other way, she wouldn’t want to beg this d.a.m.ned old woman.

It was really annoying to listen to her preach.

“You think too highly of me. What can I do? Xiao Xuan actually did such a thing to Jiaojiao. He deserved it. Pengcheng committed a crime and was arrested. What do you think an old woman like me can do?” Jun Wanzhi felt both heartache and helplessness when talking about this.

“You can go and beg Chi Jiao,” Gao Fengxia said without hesitation. “Since she has the ability to send her uncle to prison, she has the ability to get him out.”

Jun Wanzhi couldn’t believe that she would say such a thing.

“Xiao Xuan did such a terrible thing to Jiaojiao, but you still want me to beg her? Give up, I won’t go.” Jun Wanzhi rejected without any hesitation. “Go back. If there’s nothing else, don’t come over. Your father and I are old, and we don’t have many years left. Let us have some peace and quiet.”

When Gao Fengxia saw how heartless she was, she glared at her fiercely and did not say anything else.

She stood up and quickly left in her high heels.

Walking out of the villa, Gao Fengxia immediately noticed Ruan Xiaoxiao standing by the car.

Ruan Xiaoxiao looked at her with a faint smile on her face, as if she had expected that she would come out empty-handed.

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