Chapter 446: I Have a Way to Save My Brother

Gao Fengxia walked to Ruan Xiaoxiao and looked at her angrily. “You good-for-nothing, why didn’t you go in and help me beg your grandma to save your brother!”

Ruan Pengcheng had been arrested.

After Ruan Xuan was discharged, he would also face the risk of being sued.

Now that Ruan Pengcheng couldn’t be counted on, what would happen to her precious son?

When Ruan Xiaoxiao heard the word “good-for-nothing”, her eyes flashed coldly.

“Mother, I already told you before we came. It’s useless to beg Grandmother, but you insisted on coming.” Ruan Xiaoxiao sneered.

“Then, who do you think we can ask for help from? Who’s willing to help us at this time?” Gao Fengxia sneered back.

Usually, when something good happened, many people would flock around them.

However, when they were in trouble, everyone would keep their distance.

This was the harsh reality.

“I have a way to save my brother.” Ruan Xiaoxiao looked at her mother indifferently. Her tone was very calm as if she was narrating a fact.

Gao Fengxia sized her up, her eyes filled with disdain and distrust. “You?”

What could a good-for-nothing do?

Apart from painting, what else could this good-for-nothing do?

Ruan Xiaoxiao hated this look the most. Gao Fengxia had never regarded her as much ever since she was a little girl.

What was wrong with females?

She would let Gao Fengxia know that she was a thousand times better than Ruan Xuan!

“Mother, when have I ever failed to fulfill my promise to you?” Ruan Xiaoxiao looked confident.

Gao Fengxia thought for a while and felt that what she said was right. She frowned and looked at her. “Do you really have a way to save your brother?”

Ruan Xiaoxiao slowly nodded. “I do have a way to save my brother, but I have one condition.”

“What condition?” Gao Fengxia asked coldly.

“This condition is very simple. In the future, I will have the final say in this family,” Ruan Xiaoxiao said resolutely.

“You mean I have to listen to you in the future?” Gao Fengxia raised her eyebrows.

Ruan Xiaoxiao looked at her indifferently and nodded.

“Ruan Xiaoxiao, do you know what you’re doing? I’m your mother, and Ruan Xuan is your younger brother. Shouldn’t it be natural for you to save your younger brother? You want to dump such an outrageous demand on me? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be struck by lightning for being so unfilial?” Gao Fengxia pointed at her nose and shouted angrily.

While she was talking, Ruan Xiaoxiao moved her body slightly backward to avoid her spit.

“My condition is that simple. If you can’t do it, then I won’t help Ruan Xuan.” Ruan Xiaoxiao’s tone was so cold that no warmth could be felt from it at all.

She could have ignored Ruan Xuan completely.

If something happened to him and her father, it wouldn’t affect her at all.

However, she was stubborn. She wanted to get back at Gao Fengxia for the humiliation she had suffered.

Just because she was a girl and Ruan Xuan was a boy.

Gao Fengxia didn’t treat her as a human but treated Ruan Xuan as a precious treasure.

She really couldn’t take this lying down.

Gao Fengxia looked at Ruan Xiaoxiao in a daze. She felt that her cold expression was very unfamiliar.

After a while…

Gao Fengxia gritted her teeth and asked, “How can you save your brother?”

“If you want to save Ruan Xuan, you just have to get Chi Jiao to agree to a settlement.” Ruan Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “It’s my birthday at the beginning of next month. I hope there will be a grand celebration, because a big shot from Beijing will be attending my birthday party. When the time comes, I can ask that big shot to help us pressure Chi Jiao.”

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