Chapter 451: Quan Jue’s Future Wife Must Be Chosen by the Quan Family

“This is something I should do.” Quan Jingzhou smiled lightly and said, “In the future, we will have more opportunities to work together. The debt we owe the Chi family for raising Xiao Jue is definitely not something that can be repaid with just this project.”

Chi Jiao and Chi Mingwei had just entered the house when they heard these words.

Chi Mingwei glanced at Chi Jiao and saw her gesturing for him to keep quiet.

He nodded and stood with her to listen.

Meanwhile, Chi Mingyao got even more excited after hearing what Quan Jingzhou said.

“Mr. Quan, you’re too kind.” Chi Mingyao felt that this was their pathway to becoming a big name. Now that the Chi family had made its way into the Quan family’s good books, they were going to achieve meteoric success.

“Mr. Quan, you’re not here just to thank us, are you?” Old Master Chi’s question was blunt and to the point. “Our Chi family’s contribution to Quan Jue isn’t enough for you to repay us with so much. Mr. Quan, why don’t you just tell us the truth?”

He didn’t believe that Quan Jingzhou didn’t know how Quan Jue had been living in the Chi family all these years.

Quan Jingzhou clearly knew about it, yet he still came to express his grat.i.tude. This could only prove that he had other motives.

When Quan Jingzhou saw that Old Master Chi had seen through him so thoroughly, the smile on his face didn’t change. He actually nodded. “Old Master Chi is indeed a smart person. I admire you. I do have something else to discuss with Old Master Chi, but I wonder if Old Master Chi still has any say in this family?”

“Of course,” Old Master Chi said without hesitation.

“Does Old Master Chi know about Quan Jue and Chi Jiao’s relations.h.i.+p?” Quan Jingzhou asked again.

Old Master Chi gasped. “Is there such a thing?”

Chi Jiao had never mentioned her feelings to him.

In his eyes, she was still a child. He had never thought about her getting married.

When Chi Mingyao heard what Quan Jingzhou said, he was delighted and jealous at the same time.

He was happy that Chi Jiao was dating Quan Jue. This was a good thing for the Chi family!

But he was jealous because Chi Mingwei had already taken over the family’s company. Now, his daughter had hooked up with Quan Jue. Everything good was happening to Chi Mingwei.

He was clearly the eldest son of the Chi family, but now, his situation was inferior to Chi Mingwei!

“The two of them have been together for quite some time,” Quan Jingzhou said in a mild tone. His handsome face did not reveal his true emotions. “Old Master Chi, we’re all open-minded people, so there’s no need to beat around the bush. Quan Jue is my chosen future heir. His future wife must be chosen by the Quan family. I believe Old Master Chi doesn’t need me to tell you how important it is to match social status.”

After hearing what he said, Old Master Chi chose to remain silent.

His expression was somewhat grim.

Although he knew that Quan Jingzhou was just speaking the harsh truth, he still felt uncomfortable.

Quan Jingzhou didn’t like their Jiaojiao!

Old Master Chi wasn’t the only one who felt uncomfortable. Chi Mingwei also felt very ill at ease.

He glanced at Chi Jiao and saw that her expression was still very calm. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

He felt that if Jiaojiao wanted to be together with Quan Jue, it would be a very tough road ahead.

He couldn’t bear to see her suffer so much.

“Mr. Quan, you want Jiaojiao and Quan Jue to be separated, right?” Chi Mingyao asked.

Quan Jingzhou nodded. His gaze was still on Old Master Chi. “Old Master Chi, as long as you can separate Chi Jiao and Quan Jue, you can name any condition you want. As long as I, Quan Jingzhou, can satisfy it, I will do my best.”

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