Chapter 456: This Is Beyond Genius

Not only was Chi Mingwei’s heart trembling, so was Old Master Chi’s.

Like Chi Mingwei, Old Master Chi also stared at Chi Jiao in disbelief.

Chi Jiao had already expected their reaction, so she pulled out her ident.i.ty card from the 007 Laboratory.

Everyone in 007 had this unique electronic ident.i.ty card.

Chi Jiao placed the phone in front of them so that they could look at it themselves.

Chi Mingwei and Old Master Chi looked at the electronic card.

There was a photo of Chi Jiao and a series of complicated serial numbers. There was also the digital logo of the 007 Laboratory and her position.

It clearly stated that Chi Jiao was the founder and person in charge.

“Daddy, Grandpa, if you want to visit 007, we can make time to go there.” Chi Jiao smiled at them.

If Quan Jingzhou hadn’t come to stir up trouble today, she wouldn’t have revealed this matter so quickly.

After her ident.i.ty was exposed, it would bring about some changes to her peaceful life.

It was all Quan Jingzhou’s fault that she had to reveal her ident.i.ty so soon.

Chi Mingwei and Old Master Chi were a little dazed by this huge surprise. The two of them looked at each other, still not recovered from the shock.

Jiaojiao was the person in charge of 007.

She was only turning 18 next month.

This was beyond genius!

Their Chi family actually produced such a formidable figure.

Chi Mingwei gave a foolish smile. “Hahahaha. To think Quan Jingzhou doesn’t think much of my precious daughter! My precious daughter’s worth is on par with his. On what basis is he so arrogant?”

“That’s right. Our Jiaojiao is so amazing. His son is the one benefiting. How dare he still behave so arrogantly.” Old Master Chi was so excited that his face turned red.

Seeing that they were so happy, Chi Jiao felt that it was worth it to reveal her ident.i.ty. A happy smile spread across her lips. “Dad, Grandpa, we still have to keep this a secret. I’m still a high school student now. It’s better to keep a low profile.”

Chi Mingwei and Old Master Chi understood how the possession of something valuable could easily attract trouble. Both of them nodded and promised Chi Jiao that they wouldn’t spread this information.

“Daddy, I’ll get someone to help you develop our company’s business.” Chi Jiao turned to look at her father and said firmly, “Our family will get better and better.”

Chi Mingwei nodded solemnly.

He believed whatever Chi Jiao said now.


Quan Jingzhou wasn’t in a good mood after he left the Chi family.

“Master Jing, that old man from the Chi Family and Chi Mingwei are really asking for it. Looks like they prefer to do things the hard way,” Quan Liu said as he drove. “Don’t be too angry. Teach them a lesson first and they will come to beg you.”

Quan Jingzhou placed his hand on the side of the window and tapped his slender fingers against it. “Let’s not talk about this for now.”

He didn’t want to do anything bad to the Chi family.

Right now, his relations.h.i.+p with Quan Jue was tense.

He didn’t want to add fuel to the flames.

Thinking of Quan Jue, Quan Jingzhou felt that he must have owed this son in his previous life.

“Are you going back to Beijing or…?” Quan Liu asked.

Quan Jingzhou rubbed between his eyebrows. “Let’s go to the Xu family’s residence.”

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