Chapter 459: Let Me Take You to the Hospital First?

He stretched out one finger and gently swiped Chi Jiao’s nose.

Quan Jue’s tone softened subconsciously. “I saw that you were doing your homework, so I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Have you finished your winter break homework?” Chi Jiao asked.

She felt that Quan Jue shouldn’t have had the time to do it.

“Yes,” Quan Jue answered.

Chi Jiao: “…”

A straight-A student would always be a straight-A student. He wouldn’t leave his homework to the end like her.

Quan Jue pulled a chair over and sat beside her. “Continue, I’ll accompany you.”

Chi Jiao nodded with a smile and returned her attention to her homework.

Quan Jue looked at her side profile quietly with a hint of affection in his eyes.

Fortunately, Chi Jiao always had an astonis.h.i.+ng ability to focus. Otherwise, with Quan Jue sitting beside her, there was no way she could continue doing her homework so calmly.

Time ticked by.

When it was almost nighttime, Chi Jiao finally finished all her homework.

She put down her pen and turned to look, then saw that Quan Jue had fallen asleep.

He was leaning against the chair with his eyes closed and his breathing regular.

He seemed to be sleeping soundly.

Chi Jiao was worried that Quan Jue’s neck would hurt if he slept like this, so she woke him up. “Brother Quan, if you’re tired, go to bed.”

Hearing the girl’s soft voice, Quan Jue immediately opened his eyes.

Because he hadn’t been sleeping well recently, Quan Jue’s eyes were a little red and looked a little devilish.

He looked at the clock on the wall and realized that it was already seven in the evening.

“I’m not tired. Are you hungry?” Quan Jue asked in a low voice.

Looking a little tired, Chi Jiao nodded gently.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” Quan Jue clearly felt that something was wrong with her.

“My stomach hurts a little,” Chi Jiao lowered her head and said.

Her stomach hurt?

Quan Jue narrowed his eyes and instinctively thought that Chi Jiao must be ill. He immediately asked nervously, “Is it from a hunger-induced ache? Should I bring you to the hospital first?”

Chi Jiao’s face was slightly flushed. She shook her head gently. “It’s not because I’m hungry. I don’t need to go to the hospital, either.”

“Then, what is it?” Quan Jue became even more nervous.

Chi Jiao let out a breath and looked up at him. “This is something a girl will suffer from every month.”

Quan Jue was stunned.

Immediately after, he understood the meaning behind her words.

Although Quan Jue had never lived with a girl before, through Lin Ye, who was an unparalleled flirt, he understood some feminine habits. He knew what Chi Jiao meant.

Quan Jue came back to his senses and stood up. He bent down and scooped her up from the chair.

Chi Jiao instinctively hugged his neck.

“Go lie down on the bed,” Quan Jue said in an indisputable tone.

Chi Jiao was indeed very uncomfortable right now. She hadn’t realized it when she was focused on her homework earlier, but now that she had relaxed, she felt her stomach ache terribly.

She allowed Quan Jue to carry her to the bed.

After covering Chi Jiao with the blanket, Quan Jue saw that her little face was pale. He lowered his head and gently touched her forehead with his lips.

“Your forehead is a little hot.” Quan Jue frowned slightly.

Feeling weak, Chi Jiao leaned against the bed.

Quan Jue found a thermometer to take her temperature.

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