Chapter 460: Brother Quan, I Don’t Want to Go to the Hospital

“38 degrees.” Quan Jue frowned again when he saw the temperature displayed on the thermometer.

“I must have caught a cold. I’m fine.” Chi Jiao didn’t want him to worry about her.

She knew her body very well.

It was contradictory and special.

Her physical fitness and five senses were stronger than ordinary people’s, but her immune system was weak. Her const.i.tution wasn’t great and was to chills.

At the same time, because she was immune to drugs due to her special physique, normal drugs were of no use to her.

Otherwise, she would have already nursed her body to peak condition.

As a doctor, Chi Jiao knew very well that health was the most precious a.s.set to a person.

How could Quan Jue not be worried? He looked at Chi Jiao’s pale face. His heart felt all twisted up.

He hated himself for not being able to be sick in her place.

“Shall we go to the hospital?” Quan Jue asked.

Chi Jiao shook her head firmly. “Brother Quan, I don’t want to go to the hospital.”

It was just a small cold, it wasn’t serious enough to go to the hospital.

Besides, she knew how to treat herself.

Previously, she had been bored to death after staying in the hospital for a few days.

She didn’t want to go back so soon.

Looking at Chi Jiao’s stubborn expression, Quan Jue could only sigh.

There was nothing he could do about this little girl’s stubborn temper.

“Then, I’ll go out to buy some cold medicine. Will you wait for me at home?”

Chi Jiao nodded obediently.


The weather changed drastically. When Quan Jue went out, it suddenly started drizzling.

He was really worried about Chi Jiao, so he didn’t even take an umbrella and went out just like that.

Within half an hour, Quan Jue visited the pharmacy and supermarket. He was carrying a bunch of things when he returned.

After firing Butler Zhou, the rest of the servants in the house had changed as well. They had changed to people who were more honest and reliable.

Aunt Zhou was on duty today.

“Young Master, I’ve already prepared dinner. You and First Miss can have dinner now.” Aunt Zhou saw Quan Jue enter the living room, his hands full of his purchases. She put down the mop and smiled at him. “Oh right, Sir has a social gathering tonight and will be back very late. Sir specially arranged for you and First Miss to not wait for him to come back for dinner. I specially made Sichuan cuisine that First Miss likes.”

“I’m sorry, Aunt Zhou. Jiaojiao isn’t feeling well. She can’t eat Sichuan Cuisine tonight,” Quan Jue said in a mild tone.

Aunt Zhou immediately became anxious.

She also had a daughter who was about the same age as Chi Jiao, so she liked Chi Jiao very much. She thought that the little girl was cute and had a good personality.

“Why is First Miss suddenly unwell? Does she need to go to the hospital?”

“She caught a cold. I’ve already bought some medicine. Aunt Zhou, don’t worry. You can rest early.” Quan Jue then walked upstairs.

In the quiet room.

Chi Jiao laid on the bed, her eyes closed groggily.

The sound of the door being pushed open was very soft, but it still caused her to lift her heavy eyelids and glance at the door.

Quan Jue quickly walked in with the purchases.

He walked to the bedside and saw Chi Jiao lying there listlessly. His heart ached again.

“How do you feel now? Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?”

“No need.” The girl was still stubborn.

Quan Jue let out an almost inaudible sigh and placed the things on the table. He then went to fetch a cup of hot water from the water dispenser and retrieved the medicine. Holding the water in one hand and the medicine in the other, he walked back to the bed.

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