Chapter 461: Brother Quan Is Not as Weak as You Think

He placed the cup on the bedside table and helped her to sit up.

He took a pillow with cartoon motifs and placed it behind Chi Jiao. Quan Jue’s actions were unbelievably gentle from start to finish, as if he was treating a fragile gla.s.s doll.

After all that was done, Quan Jue brought the medicine to her mouth.

“Take this medicine.”

Chi Jiao lowered her head and looked at the white medicine in his hand. Her little face instantly screwed up in a grimace.

“Why? Are you afraid of it being bitter?” The young man’s low voice came from above.

Before Chi Jiao could admit it, Quan Jue placed the medicine into his mouth.

He then pressed his warm lips against hers.

Slipping between her lips, he used his tongue to transfer the medicine into her mouth.

Bitterness mixed with some sweetness spread in her mouth.

Quan Jue reluctantly let go of Chi Jiao and placed the cup by her lips.

Chi Jiao took a sip of water and swallowed the medicine.

“Is it bitter?” Quan Jue moved closer to Chi Jiao and stared at her face.

Chi Jiao’s pale face turned red as she stared at him with teary eyes. “Brother Quan, aren’t you afraid that I’ll pa.s.s the flu to you?”

Quan Jue rubbed her head and smiled. “Brother Quan isn’t as weak as you think.”

Chi Jiao then realized that Quan Jue’s hair and clothes were a little damp.

“Is it raining outside?” Chi Jiao asked.

Quan Jue nodded.

“You’re drenched. Hurry up and change your clothes and dry your hair.” Chi Jiao guessed that Quan Jue did not bring an umbrella. Thinking about how he went to buy medicine for her in the rain, her heart warmed.

Quan Jue nodded. “Sleep for a while. I’ll wake you up to eat after I cook something nice.”


He went back to his room first and quickly changed clothes before going to the kitchen.

Aunt Zhou didn’t go to rest. Instead, she was preparing a fish to make some fish soup for Chi Jiao to nourish her body.

“Aunt Zhou, let me do it,” Quan Jue walked to her side and said.

Aunt Zhou looked at him in surprise. She had just arrived at this house and didn’t know what Quan Jue’s situation was. However, from his n.o.ble temperament, her intuition told her that this young man shouldn’t know how to cook.

“Young Master, let me do it. You should go and rest,” Aunt Zhou said.

Quan Jue placed the things he was carrying on the table and said, “Don’t worry, you can go and rest. I’ll handle this.”

His tone was firm, and Aunt Zhou had no choice but to leave the kitchen.

Quan Jue had originally bought fresh fish and egg noodles from the supermarket to make a bowl of fish noodles for Chi Jiao.

Now that Aunt Zhou had prepared the fish, it saved him some time.

After Aunt Zhou left the kitchen, she still felt uneasy. From time to time, she would stand at the kitchen door and look inside.

She observed the young man’s busy movements.

Whether it was chopping the vegetables or prepping the fish meat, the young man did it very skillfully and naturally. His actions had an indescribable elegance.

It was obvious that he often cooked.

Fish soup had to be milky white to be good. After about an hour, Quan Jue finally finished making a bowl of fish noodles.

Instantly, the entire kitchen was filled with food fragrance.

Just the aroma alone made one salivate.

In case Chi Jiao didn’t like fish that much, Quan Jue added two slices of ham and heated a bottle of strawberry yogurt for her.

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