Chapter 462: How Can You Be So Cute?

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Before Quan Jue left the room, Chi Jiao took another pill and swallowed it. After that, she fell asleep groggily. Soon, she started to sweat.


She felt something warm and ticklish on her earlobe, as if something was licking it. The young man’s deep voice sounded beside her ear.

“Jiaojiao, get up and eat.”

Chi Jiao woke up in a daze. The moment she regained consciousness, she smelled a wonderful aroma.

Immediately, her stomach growled loudly.

Her face instantly turned red, she quietly pulled the blanket over it.

So embarra.s.sing.

Quan Jue couldn’t help laughing at Chi Jiao’s little antics.

How was this little girl so cute?

He had always thought that girls were troublesome creatures.

Now he understood what Lin Ye had once said.

Love could change you.

Afraid that Chi Jiao would suffocate herself, Quan Jue pulled her blanket down.

Chi Jiao refused to budge. She hung onto the blanket to cover most of her face, revealing only a pair of large, gem-like eyes as she looked at him.

“Brother Quan, did you hear any strange sounds just now?”

When Chi Jiao asked this question, she immediately realized that she had exposed herself.

She didn’t know why her IQ would plummet whenever she interacted with Quan Jue.

“No,” he replied seriously.

Seeing how serious he was, Chi Jiao believed him. She secretly heaved a sigh of relief and sat up from the bed.

“Brother Quan, what did you cook? It smells so good…” As she spoke, Chi Jiao’s gaze fell on the bowl.

“Fish noodles.” Quan Jue sat on the edge of the bed. With the bowl in his hands, he personally fed Chi Jiao.

The fish noodles tasted very good. There wasn’t much seasoning added, and it was very light. Chi Jiao had always preferred strong flavors, but she enjoyed it thoroughly.

Especially the broth, which was extremely fragrant.

Soon, Chi Jiao finished the bowl of noodles.

Seeing the sweat on her forehead, Quan Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

If she could break out in a sweat, it meant that her fever was going down.

“Now that you have finished eating, go back to sleep. I’ll stay here and watch over you,” Quan Jue said gently.

“Sleeping right after eating. It’s like I’m a little pig,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

Quan Jue looked at her sharp little chin and narrowed his eyes. “Such a skinny little pig. You won’t be worth much even if I sell you.”

Chi Jiao lightly punched him.

Quan Jue took the opportunity to pull her into his arms. He reached out and touched the back of her head. “Be good. Put on more weight in the future, and your immunity will be much stronger.”

“If I had really gained weight, you might not like me as you do now.” Chi Jiao buried her face in his chest.

Quan Jue smiled. “When did I say I like you?”

Chi Jiao held her breath. She raised her head and looked at him pitifully, silently accusing him of bullying her.

She knew that Quan Jue liked her.

He was deliberately bullying her.

Quan Jue couldn’t stand Chi Jiao’s pitiful look. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

He then leaned his forehead against hers and spoke in a low voice.

“I never said I like you because I love you. No matter what you become, it won’t change this fact.”

Even if he stopped breathing, as long as his soul remained, he would never stop loving her.

Because she was a cinnabar mole carved into his soul.

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