Chapter 463: I Love Quan Jue Too

The young man’s sudden pa.s.sionate confession made Chi Jiao’s heart pound.

She seemed to have heard the sound of fireworks going off in her mind, warming her soul.

“Me too,” Chi Jiao whispered.

“You too, what?” Quan Jue asked.

Quan Jue hadn’t expected Chi Jiao to say those words to him.

After all, his little girl’s skin was so thin that she would blush easily.

What Quan Jue didn’t expect was that Chi Jiao would look him in the eye and slowly say the words he had been waiting for.

“I love Quan Jue, too. Exactly like how Quan Jue loves me, I love Quan Jue.” The deep love in the girl’s voice was like a vast ocean.

It was like a burning star that fell into Quan Jue’s heart.

He couldn’t help smiling. Hugging the person in his arms tightly, he wanted to merge her into his bones.

Little did they know.

These words were exactly what Chi Jiao had said to him in her past life when her soul was on the verge of dying.

But at that time, he couldn’t hear her voice.

The two of them hugged for a while. Quan Jue was worried that Chi Jiao would be too tired, so he let her go and let her lie down to rest.

He prepared a hot water bottle and placed it on Chi Jiao’s stomach.

Her stomach, which had been aching, immediately relaxed from the heat.

Quan Jue stayed by Chi Jiao’s bedside. When she fell asleep again, he adjusted the bedside lamp to a dim light before lying down on the sofa.

That night, Quan Jue barely slept.

Every hour, he would get up to touch Chi Jiao’s forehead.

To see her fever still running.

Fortunately, it did not rise again that night.

Because of her cold, Chi Jiao stayed at home for two whole days.

Quan Jue didn’t go out for the past two days and stayed at home with her.

School would officially start tomorrow. Early in the morning, Chi Jiao’s phone started to ring with WeChat messages.

It was a group chat with Dang Nan, Yi Lanlan, Bai Weiyu, and herself. They invited Chi Jiao to come out and play.

Chi Jiao had enough of staying home after the past two days. She also felt like going out for a jaunt, so she arranged to meet Dang Nan and the rest at New Times Square.

The weather today was good and the sun was s.h.i.+ning brightly.

Just as she alighted from the car by the roadside, Chi Jiao saw Dang Nan and Bai Weiyu standing in front of a sculpture.

Dang Nan had short hair and wore a black windbreaker. Coupled with her tall stature, it was easy for others to mistake her for a handsome youth. She attracted the attention of many girls pa.s.sing by.

Bai Weiyu saw Chi Jiao first and waved at her with a smile. “Jiaojiao, come over quickly.”

Chi Jiao walked over with a smile.

“Long time no see.” Before she reached them, Dang Nan eagerly went forward to give her a bear hug.

Chi Jiao hugged her and smiled. “Why is it just the two of you? Where’s Lanlan?”

“Lanlan said she’d have to wait until after lunch to get out. She has some stuff to take care of, so we’re meeting first,” Dang Nan said.

Chi Jiao nodded and looked at Bai Weiyu.

After Jin Yiming’s incident, Bai Weiyu’s temperament was completely different from before. She had become much more mature and stable.

“Jiaojiao seems to have lost weight again,” Bai Weiyu said enviously as she sized her up.

Dang Nan nodded in agreement. “You have indeed lost weight.”

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