Chapter 464: Not Even Human

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Chi Jiao reached out to touch her face which was still chubby with baby fat. “I don’t feel it.”

Bai Weiyu and Dang Nan sighed in unison.

It would be frustrating if you keep comparing yourself to others.

Both of them had gained weight during the Lunar New Year. After all, they felt like the holiday would be a waste if they didn’t gain weight during the period.

The three girls ventured into the square.

There was a charity auction at New Times Square today. The items sold were all small trinkets. All the vendors’ income would be donated to charity organizations.

Chi Jiao, Dang Nan, and Bai Weiyu had specially come for this.

“Xiao Nan, you said previously that you were going to partic.i.p.ate in the Yao Xi Entertainment talent show. What was the outcome?” Bai Weiyu suddenly asked Dang Nan.

Chi Jiao didn’t know about this and looked at Dang Nan curiously.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Dang Nan sighed and revealed a hopeless expression.

“What happened?” Chi Jiao and Bai Weiyu asked in unison.

“I was first place during the auditions, but for some reason, I wasn’t informed of the second round. I don’t think I have any chance now,” Dang Nan said.

“Could you have been replaced by someone with the right connections?” Bai Weiyu immediately thought of all the dirty secrets of such talent shows.

Chi Jiao also felt that what Bai Weiyu said was highly possible. She had that kind of impression of Yao Xi.

Yao Xi Entertainment was one of the top three entertainment companies in China and had made many artists famous. When Chi Yexi had just debuted, he signed a contract with Yao Xi Entertainment.

However, this company was very inhumane. They treated their artists as tools to earn money and squeezed them. To boost the popularity of their own artists, they would stoop to unscrupulous means.

All in all, Yao Xi Entertainment had a lot of scandals, and its reputation was very bad.

Chi Yexi used to be one of the biggest stars in Yao Xi Entertainment, but because he couldn’t stand the company interfering with his private life, he paid an astronomical penalty and terminated the contract with them.

Anyway, Chi Yexi only wanted to be a celebrity for fun. If he was unhappy, he could go back and inherit his billion-dollar family estate anytime.

Chi Jiao had heard Chi Yexi complain about Yao Xi Entertainment before.

“I also think that I might have been replaced by someone with connections.” Dang Nan looked helpless and disappointed. “Originally, my parents didn’t agree with me taking this path. They wanted me to study at a finance university and enter the family business after graduation. So, I can only rely on myself.”

“Xiao Nan, you’re lucky that you didn’t join Yao Xi Entertainment,” Chi Jiao said.

Dang Nan also knew some dirt about Yao Xi Entertainment, but she didn’t know how unscrupulous they could be. Hearing Chi Jiao’s words, she could sense the scent of gossip.

“Jiaojiao, do you know something?” Bai Weiyu couldn’t suppress her love for gossip.

“I guess I know a little. It’s not a secret that Yao Xi Entertainment is exploiting artists, right? They’re more unscrupulous than you can imagine,” Chi Jiao said.

Dang Nan and Bai Weiyu looked at each other.

Even more unscrupulous than they could imagine?

Didn’t that mean that they were basically not even human?

Chi Jiao continued, “Xiao Nan, if you really want to enter the entertainment industry, I can help you with something.”

Dang Nan treated her as a true friend and took good care of her.

Friends had to help each other.. It was her duty to help Dang Nan.

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