Chapter 465: Look, Someone’s Going to Jump!

“I’ve already decided. I want to rely on my own abilities to prove myself to my parents. Nonetheless, thank you for your kind intentions.” Dang Nan looked at her gratefully.

Chi Jiao looked meaningfully at her. “We’re friends, you don’t have to thank me.”

She felt that even without her help, Dang Nan would still succeed.

Just that the path would definitely be more difficult.

As she thought about this, Chi Jiao felt that it wouldn’t really be considered helping if she just introduced Dang Nan to a talent agent.

Given that person’s temper, if Dang Nan was really capable, he would be willing to groom her no matter what.

The three girls stopped talking about this topic and casually chatted about some other things before they arrived at the venue of the charity auction.

The organizers of the charity auction were youths, and the vendors were also young people. As a result, the trinkets sold were all items suited to the younger generation. There were clothes, bags, and jewelry that the girls favored, as well as electronic gadgets that the boys preferred.

The place was bustling with people.

The three of them bought a lot of snacks and then went to a cafe to rest.

“Earlier, Lanlan sent me a WeChat message saying that she managed to leave before schedule. Her house is not that far away, so she should be here soon.” Dang Nan looked at her watch.

“Let’s go to the dessert shop we used to frequent and wait for her, then,” suggested Bai Weiyu.

Chi Jiao and Dang Nan both agreed.

There was a Wan Mao Mall in New Times Square. The dessert shop Dang Nan mentioned was on the first floor of the mall.

Choosing to sit outside the dessert shop and enjoy the suns.h.i.+ne, Dang Nan ordered macaroons, strawberry mousse cakes, and a jug of milk tea.

After the waiter served the dishes, Bai Weiyu looked at the time on her phone and frowned. “Why isn’t Lanlan here yet? It’s already been half an hour. Even if she were to walk here, fifteen minutes would have sufficed.”

Dang Nan also felt that Yi Lanlan was a little slow, so she called her.

Chi Jiao and Bai Weiyu looked at her.

Dang Nan listened to the standard voice recording after the beeping sound of an unanswered phone call. She said to them, “Lanlan isn’t answering.”

Bai Weiyu’s face was filled with worry. “Did something happen to her?”

Ever since Jin Yiming’s incident, Bai Weiyu had become very sensitive about certain things. She would always subconsciously think of the worst.

Dang Nan was also a little worried.

Yi Lanlan never liked to be late.

She had told her on WeChat that she would arrive within fifteen minutes.

Now, half an hour had pa.s.sed. Not only was she still not there, but she also couldn’t be reached on the phone.

This didn’t seem like Yi Lanlan’s style.

If she was delayed by something, she would definitely inform them beforehand.

Chi Jiao frowned and was about to say something when she heard a panicked voice not far away.

“Look, someone is jumping off a building!”

The three girls stood up at the same time and ran to the open s.p.a.ce in front.

They looked up and saw two figures standing at the edge of the building. They looked like they could fall at any moment.

When they saw the girl in the pink down jacket, Chi Jiao, Dang Nan, and Bai Weiyu immediately felt their hearts skip a beat!

Although they were some distance away, the three of them still recognized that the pink figure was Yi Lanlan!

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