Chapter 466: Jiaojiao, Don’t Come Over, It’s Too Dangerous Here

Chi Jiao’s vision and hearing were stronger than Bai Weiyu and Dang Nan’s. She could see that Yi Lanlan was filled with fear.

Yi Lanlan had been kidnapped by a woman in black clothes. The woman looked like she had been injured and her forehead was bleeding. Her beautiful face was filled with a ferocious expression.

The woman had a dagger in her hand, which she placed at Yi Lanlan’s neck.

Yi Lanlan didn’t dare to move at all, helplessly squeezing her eyes shut.

Chi Jiao didn’t hesitate and immediately ran into the mall.

Dang Nan and Bai Weiyu followed her.

There were six floors in the mall. Chi Jiao didn’t have time to take the elevator and ran straight up the stairs through the fire escape.

Bai Weiyu and Dang Nan couldn’t keep up with her speed at all. When they reached the second floor, Chi Jiao was already on the fourth.

“Jiaojiao… Jiaojiao… can run really fast.” Bai Weiyu was already panting from exhaustion.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would never have believed that Chi Jiao’s tiny body could actually have such explosive power.

“Let’s hurry up, too.” Dang Nan pulled her and sped up.

Chi Jiao soon reached the fire door on the rooftop. She kicked the door open and rushed onto the platform.

When Yi Lanlan heard the door being kicked open, she quickly opened her eyes and looked towards it.

The moment she saw Chi Jiao, she froze for a moment before shouting anxiously, “Jiaojiao, don’t come over! It’s too dangerous here!”

Seeing that Yi Lanlan was still concerned about her own safety, Chi Jiao smiled at her. “Don’t be afraid, you’ll be fine.”

At this moment, everyone on the platform had their eyes on her.

Other than Yi Lanlan and the woman holding her hostage, two other people were on the platform.

A man and a woman, both wearing black uniforms of the 117 Special Forces.

The young woman was stunned at the sight of Chi Jiao. When she regained her senses, she frowned and said, “Chi Jiao? What are you doing here?”

This familiar voice belonged to Jiang Xiaoli.

Chi Jiao turned to look at her, meeting her unfriendly gaze.

She smiled and revealed her white teeth, then pointed at Yi Lanlan. “This is my friend.”

“Little girl, it’s very dangerous here. You should leave first. With us here, your friend will be fine.” The man standing beside Jiang Xiaoli reminded her with concern.

When Jiang Xiaoli saw the man treating Chi Jiao so kindly, she curled her lips in disdain. “You Yin, you probably don’t know who this person is, right? You don’t need to worry about her, she’s…”

“Jiang Xiaoli, shut up.” Chi Jiao interrupted her.

When Jiang Xiaoli saw her warning gaze, she had no choice but to keep quiet.

Now, as she looked straight into Chi Jiao’s pitch-black eyes, she couldn’t help but recall the last time she was at Mount Li when she was almost pushed off the cliff by her.

You Yin frowned when he saw that Jiang Xiaoli didn’t dare to continue after Chi Jiao’s interruption.

Before he could think too much about it, the woman holding Yi Lanlan spoke sinisterly, “Are you done? When will you give me what I want? Let me warn you, I don’t have much patience. If you push me too far, I’ll jump down with her!”

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