Chapter 467: I Said Don’t Come Closer!

“Zhen Xiaoqing, don’t be rash. What you want is currently being prepared.” You Yin immediately turned to look at her.

Jiang Xiaoli also looked at Zhen Xiaoqing. Following that, she said, “Zhen Xiaoqing, you better think this through carefully. If you obediently release the hostage, perhaps you can still live. Otherwise, even if you successfully escape with the money today, you will definitely not be able to escape our 117’s pursuit. When that happens, your crime will be even worse!”

When Chi Jiao heard Jiang Xiaoli’s words, she immediately frowned and looked at Zhen Xiaoqing.

This name sounded very familiar to her.

She had heard of this name in her previous life.

She was a very famous serial killer.

It was said that she specifically targeted men who cheated on her. She liked to cut those men’s throats, strip them naked, and throw them on the streets.

Her methods were extremely cruel.

She suddenly thought of the news she saw yesterday.

The man who had died tragically on the street must have died at Zhen Xiaoqing’s hands.

Against such a murderer, Jiang Xiaoli’s words were definitely not enough to intimidate her. They would only anger her.

Indeed, Zhen Xiaoqing lost her cool after hearing Jiang Xiaoli’s words.

“How dare you threaten me? Who do you think you are? What right do you have to threaten me?! Let me tell you, I’m thinking very clearly now. If you don’t gather the money within ten minutes, I’ll slit this woman’s throat first and then kill you, b*tch!” Zhen Xiaoqing was so angry that spittle flew everywhere as she looked murderously at Jiang Xiaoli.

“Who are you calling b*tch?!” Jiang Xiaoli stepped forward with a livid expression.

Seeing her approach, Zhen Xiaoqing immediately increased the strength of the dagger in her hand. Yi Lanlan let out a panicked scream.

“Don’t kill me, I beg you! I still want to live, sob…” Yi Lanlan’s voice broke because she was too frightened.

A faint trace of blood seeped out from her neck. It was obvious that the sharp dagger had already injured her.

“I already said not to come closer! I will really kill her! Do you want to force me to do it?!” Zhen Xiaoqing looked at Jiang Xiaoli and You Yin with a crazed expression. “If I kill her, it will be because of you! I didn’t do it willingly!”

“Don’t be ras.h.!.+ Zhen Xiaoqing! Calm down!” You Yin immediately shouted at her.

Jiang Xiaoli wanted to say something, but she was stopped by Chi Jiao, who had already walked behind her.

She turned around impatiently and met a pair of calm eyes.

“Please stop provoking her.”

The girl’s composed voice was like the calm before a brewing storm, about to erupt at any moment.

Chi Jiao’s hand on Jiang Xiaoli’s shoulder looked like she was exerting no strength at all, but it was actually like an iron clamp.

Jiang Xiaoli frowned in pain.

Chi Jiao dragged Jiang Xiaoli behind her. She then took a step forward and looked at Zhen Xiaoqing. “The hostage has already been injured. She won’t be able to hold on until what you want is delivered. Why don’t you exchange her for me? I’ll be your hostage. Release her.”

Zhen Xiaoqing’s attention was immediately attracted by her.

The girl in front of her looked thin and small. Her small face was fair and cute, looking like a weak and gullible little rabbit.

This girl looked like she was very timid. But she was bursting with courage at such a time.

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