Chapter 473: Neither of You Can Leave Today

The platform was silent. The faint smell of blood permeated the air.

Just as Chi Jiao narrowed her eyes in frustration, the door to the rooftop was slammed shut with a loud bang.

Chi Jiao and You Yin looked towards it at the same time and watched helplessly as the door was locked. Shortly after, Zhen Xiaoqing’s devilish voice rang out, “Neither of you will be leaving today!”

You Yin quickly rushed to Chi Jiao and turned to look at her with a smile. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll definitely protect you!”

When Chi Jiao heard this, she couldn’t help having a better impression of him.

Indeed, most of the members of 117 were responsible. Not everyone was like Jiang Xiaoli.

Just as You Yin finished speaking, sinister laughter suddenly sounded.

A m.u.f.fled sound rang out, and You Yin suffered a heavy blow on his abdomen. His internal organs felt all twisted up in pain.

You Yin instinctively swung his fist fiercely across the air in front of him!

However, it was a pity that his attack didn’t hit anything. Zhen Xiaoqing was like a ghost, totally invisible, only her voice echoing throughout the entire rooftop.

“Haha, even if you want to be a hero, you still have to see if you are good enough to be one.” After Zhen Xiaoqing finished speaking, she punched You Yin’s face.

Espers were much stronger than ordinary people.

You Yin suffered two blows and fell to the ground. He was gravely injured, and the corner of his lips had been beaten purple.

A dark light appeared in his eyes.

The reason why the 117 hadn’t been able to capture Zhen Xiaoqing until now was because of her tricky superpower!

Once she turned invisible, even the sound of her footsteps would disappear. She had perfectly fused with the air, making it extremely difficult to control her!

You Yin estimated the time.

It would be at least ten minutes before that person arrived.

He had to protect Chi Jiao during these ten minutes.

Meanwhile, Chi Jiao was carefully sensing the surrounding aura.

Zhen Xiaoqing was extremely vengeful. Compared to You Yin, this woman wanted to get rid of her even more!

Not a single ripple appeared in the surrounding air. The entire rooftop fell into dead silence.

Suddenly, Chi Jiao heard an evil laugh behind her.

Chi Jiao dodged instinctively. She tilted her body slightly and clearly felt a strong wind flash past her eyes. It was as if someone had swung her fists at her.

“Eh…” Zhen Xiaoqing was obviously very surprised. After letting out a surprised sigh, she threw another heavy punch towards Chi Jiao’s back.

This time, Chi Jiao didn’t manage to dodge and suffered a heavy blow.

Zhen Xiaoqing’s strength was extremely high. Her fist landed on Chi Jiao’s spine, causing a strange numbing sensation to spread from her spine all the way to her head. The pain caused her brain to buzz.

“Hehehehe, little girl, I’ll kill you first!”

With that, she reached out to s.n.a.t.c.h the dagger from Chi Jiao’s hand.

Chi Jiao was waiting for this moment.

Since she couldn’t see Zhen Xiaoqing’s exact location, she could only lure her closer.

The hand holding the dagger remained motionless. No matter how hard Zhen Xiaoqing tried, she was unable to s.n.a.t.c.h the dagger from her.

“d.a.m.n girl, let go!” Zhen Xiaoqing roared in anger.

As she spoke, she quickly raised her hand and grabbed Chi Jiao’s neck.

Chi Jiao’s neck was fair and slender, like the neck of a swan, extremely fragile.

The suffocating pain was accompanied by a sense of oppression.


Chi Jiao sent a kick flying towards Zhen Xiaoqing.

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