Chapter 474: Little B*tch, I’ll Kill You


There was a loud thump. Chi Jiao didn’t know where she had kicked Zhen Xiaoqing. She quickly threw the dagger aside and grabbed onto the hand holding her neck.

Gripped by Chi Jiao, Zhen Xiaoqing’s voice was tinged with panic. “Let go of me!”

She wasn’t being cowardly, but Chi Jiao’s strength was simply too frightening, and she couldn’t help but be afraid!

She couldn’t understand how a weak and gullible-looking girl could be so calm.

Zhen Xiaoqing was a serial murderer!

Couldn’t this wretched girl show some fear and give her some respect?

“You’re scared.” Chi Jiao smiled.

As she spoke, she estimated Zhen Xiaoqing’s height of 1.7 meters and threw a punch towards her face.

The fist successfully smashed into Zhen Xiaoqing’s eye socket with a m.u.f.fled sound.

“Owww!” Zhen Xiaoqing howled like a wild beast in pain. So angry that she felt like exploding, she roared at Chi Jiao, “Little s.l.u.t, I’ll kill you!”

Chi Jiao could clearly smell her blood.

The scent drifted over from her left side. From the wound on Zhen Xiaoqing’s arm.

From this, it could be deduced that she was currently facing her.

In addition, Zhen Xiaoqing’s height and physique were deeply imprinted in her mind.

Chi Jiao faintly traced Zhen Xiaoqing’s image in the empty air.

However, she was looking at empty s.p.a.ce, and it was indeed not an easy task to construct Zhen Xiaoqing’s figure with her imagination.

After all, the brain would subconsciously believe what it saw. It was an extremely difficult process to change what it saw through imagination.

Chi Jiao had never experienced such a situation before. She could only rely on the smell of blood and her powerful intuition to determine Zhen Xiaoqing’s location.

Thinking that it was about time, Chi Jiao once again sent a kick towards Zhen Xiaoqing.

However, Zhen Xiaoqing blocked the attack.

Chi Jiao couldn’t see Zhen Xiaoqing’s figure. She could only feel a venomous gaze on her, as if a vicious snake was glaring at her!

“You d.a.m.ned girl, do you think I’ll fall for your trick every time?” Zhen Xiaoqing’s voice was like a curse from h.e.l.l. She suddenly raised her fist and punched her forehead.

Chi Jiao felt an invisible draft coming towards her. In the blink of an eye, she dodged that fist.

However, Zhen Xiaoqing immediately raised her leg and kicked towards her.

Relying on her intuition again, Chi Jiao dodged her attack.

Zhen Xiaoqing had used all of her strength in this kick, even leaving a clear footprint on the ground.

You Yin watched this scene from the side with his mouth wide open. You could almost stuff two eggs inside.

Actually, from You Yin’s perspective, Chi Jiao’s movements looked very comical.

With the naked eye, there seemed to be nothing in front of her. However, she would punch and dodge from time to time, like a lunatic who was fighting with the air…

However, You Yin knew very well that the more Chi Jiao acted like this, the more it proved her strength.

She had truly dodged invisible attacks, and every time she retaliated, she would land a strike on Zhen Xiaoqing!

Even himself, a professional police officer of 117, didn’t dare to say that he could do better than Chi Jiao.

And the girl in front of him looked so young! She looked like she was only 16 or 17 years old, maybe even a minor. How could she fight with a murderer with superpowers for so long?

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