Chapter 475: Do You Think I’ll Give You the Chance?

You Yin didn’t know what kind of weird talent Chi Jiao was. He couldn’t help feeling anxious as he called out to her. “Our people will be here soon!”

“Do you think I’ll give you the chance?!” Zhen Xiaoqing was completely enraged. The aura around her body surged, and heavy punches barraged down on Chi Jiao. The speed of her attacks was even faster and more ruthless than before.

Chi Jiao was forced to retreat until she reached the wall.

Zhen Xiaoqing punched again.

Chi Jiao turned her head to dodge and immediately heard a bang.

She instinctively turned her head to look at the wall beside her and realized that there was a small hole in it.

Shortly after, Chi Jiao felt a sense of imminent danger. She instinctively dodged by spreading her legs apart and then felt Zhen Xiaoqing’s leg kick against the wall.

Chi Jiao’s lips twitched.

As expected of a serial murderer who always killed men, this move was really ruthless. If it was a man who had been kicked just now, he would probably have been rendered impotent.

You Yin hurried over to help, but he couldn’t tell where Zhen Xiaoqing was at all. He was quickly sent flying into the air again.

You Yin fell to the ground as a mouthful of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He clutched painfully at his stomach, which had just been kicked by Zhen Xiaoqing.

Her kick had damaged his organs. It could be seen just how much strength she had used.

“Run!” You Yin urged Chi Jiao anxiously.

“d.a.m.n girl, go to h.e.l.l!” Zhen Xiaoqing threw a heavy punch at Chi Jiao’s head.

If this attack landed, Chi Jiao’s head would definitely explode like fireworks.

A cruel smile appeared on Zhen Xiaoqing’s face as if she could already picture Chi Jiao being beaten to death by her fists.

But at this critical moment, Chi Jiao actually closed her eyes.

When You Yin saw her standing there without moving, a deep sense of doom fell upon his heart.

However, this punch did not hit Chi Jiao.

Chi Jiao tilted her head slightly, causing the fist to brush past her face and smash into the wall.

Not only that, after Chi Jiao closed her eyes and went by Zhen Xiaoqing’s aura, she managed to perfectly draw out her figure in the darkness. She then struck out with her little fist, striking the other eye socket.

With another bang, Zhen Xiaoqing’s eyes had become like a panda’s. She angrily punched Chi Jiao’s abdomen again.

However, Chi Jiao was now able to detect Zhen Xiaoqing’s movements by relying on the smell of blood. After easily dodging it, she closed her eyes and gave Zhen Xiaoqing a backhanded slap, knocking her to the ground.

Zhen Xiaoqing cried out tragically as Chi Jiao stepped on her chest.

“The game is over now. Surrender,” Chi Jiao ordered coldly.

“Dream on!” Zhen Xiaoqing struggled with all her might.

Without hesitation, Chi Jiao gave her two more slaps.

She had already perfectly locked onto Zhen Xiaoqing’s aura. Even if she were to turn invisible, it would be of no use to her.

You Yin heard a loud slap and then something flew out from where Zhen Xiaoqing was.

He instinctively reached out to take the item, only to discover that it was Zhen Xiaoqing’s broken front tooth…

The hairs on his back stood up. He called out to Chi Jiao and threw the handcuffs over.

Chi Jiao caught it with one hand and easily dodged Zhen Xiaoqing’s attack. After giving her two more punches, she cuffed her hands behind her back.

The handcuffs had the effect of suppressing her abilities, so Zhen Xiaoqing was forced to reveal herself.

As soon as she appeared, You Yin looked at her face and was dazed.

This was Zhen Xiaoqing? This was clearly a swollen pig’s head!

Seeing that Zhen Xiaoqing had been beaten black and blue by her, Chi Jiao let out a soft laugh. Suddenly, she felt a terrifying aura rapidly approaching the rooftop where they were standing.

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