Chapter 477: Beating Up Someone Via Intuition, Too Cool

Chi Jiao only suffered slight injuries, so she refused to go to the hospital. Instead, she went to 117’s branch in White City to have her statement taken.

You Yin was also injured, but as an Esper and a member of the 117 Special Forces, he was already used to such things. Usually, as long as he wasn’t injured to the point where he couldn’t move, he wouldn’t need to go to the hospital. He could recover quickly with his outstanding physique.

The 117 branch in White City was near the police station where Huo Chen was.

It was a very exquisite and special-looking two-story building that had been built less than a year ago.

There were very few staff members.

Beitang Lie was the head of this division. Today was supposed to be his day off, so when he appeared in the office, the other staff members were surprised.

Their chief had never been willing to work overtime during holidays. Today was the first time.

Could it be some big case?

“Let’s head to my office,” Beitang Lie said.

You Yin and Chi Jiao had no objections.

After entering the office, Beitang Lie showed a bright smile. He asked Chi Jiao, “Honey, what would you like to drink? I have all kinds of milk tea, as well as coffee and yogurt…”

“A gla.s.s of water, thank you,” Chi Jiao said.

Beitang Lie immediately walked to the water dispenser and poured a cup of warm water for her.

“I want coffee, thanks,” You Yin said.

Beitang Lie looked at him coldly. “Don’t you have hands? Go and do it yourself.”

You Yin: “???”

He was so biased. Wasn’t he worried about being struck by lightning?

“Honey, can I ask you something?” Beitang Lie sat beside Chi Jiao. His beautiful emerald eyes were filled with interest and playfulness as he stared at her.

Chi Jiao took a sip of water to moisten her dry throat and then replied simply, “Go ahead.”

Looking at her doll-like face, Beitang Lie asked excitedly, “Tell me, how did you thrash Zhen Xiaoqing to such a state?”

Zhen Xiaoqing was a rare dual-ability mutant and an invisible one at that.

The more Beitang Lie looked at Chi Jiao, the more he felt that she wasn’t capable of such a feat.

She didn’t look too ruthless or powerful enough.

Meanwhile, You Yin, who was bitterly making coffee for himself, also looked at Chi Jiao curiously.

He had personally witnessed Chi Jiao beating up Zhen Xiaoqing. But he still wanted to know how this young girl had managed to determine Zhen Xiaoqing’s location under such circ.u.mstances.

“Based on intuition,” Chi Jiao said.

Beitang Lie looked at her innocent eyes and had no choice but to believe her words.


How could this young lady’s eyes be so clear and innocent?

He couldn’t bear to suspect her.

But to be able to beat someone into such a state via intuition alone. That was too cool.

“Are you interested in joining our organization?” Beitang Lie asked bluntly.

“Hey, hey! Beitang Lie, the 117 Special Forces have already changed their recruitment requirements. Don’t forget.” You Yin reminded him.

In the previous year, the 117 Special Forces weren’t that strict with the recruitment requirements. As long as one had outstanding qualities, was suited to the job, and had a clean background, they could apply to enter 117.

Of course, after applying, one had to go through a very strict a.s.sessment.

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