Chapter 484: With Him, There Was No Back Door

Yan Zhengchen felt that someone was about to explode again, so he hurriedly nodded. “Of course. If you like it, I’ll make a cake for you another day.”

Gong Lu glanced at him suspiciously. “You know how to bake cakes?”

“We will know after I try, won’t we?” Yan Zhengchen smiled.

Gong Lu’s instinct was to refuse.

It was true that Yan Zhengchen could cook, but his culinary skills were very strange.

His Chinese cuisine was very good, but the other dishes were unpalatable.

Yawning, Gong Lu said, “Only after you’ve tasted it and find it good. I’m going to sleep.”

Yan Zhengchen followed Gong Lu. “I’ll come with you.”


Today was the last day of the holiday. Chi Jiao went out early in the morning.

She called Dang Nan out, and the two of them boarded a bus to the suburbs.

“Jiaojiao, where are you taking me?”

“I’m visiting a friend of mine. His name is Si Yuehan,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

Si Yuehan?

Why did this name sound so familiar?

Dang Nan’s eyes flashed with confusion.

But then she remembered who this person was.

All the blood in her body seemed to flow backward at this moment, and her hair stood on end from agitation.

“Si Yuehan, the one who won the Best Screenwriter Award for Odysseus?” Dang Nan’s voice was slightly raised.

Her words attracted the attention of the other pa.s.sengers on the bus.

Chi Jiao gently patted her hand, indicating for her to calm down.

“Yes, it’s him.” Chi Jiao moved closer to Dang Nan’s ear and lowered her voice. “You don’t want any shortcuts, but I’m not really helping you. I’m just introducing a friend of mine to you. I don’t mean anything else.”

She believed that Dang Nan was a smart person and would definitely understand what she meant.

She would give this opportunity to Dang Nan. It was up to her whether she could seize it.

Si Yuehan had always kept a clear line between his personal life and work.

With him, there was no back door.

However, he treasured those who were truly capable.

Hence, Si Yuehan had made many capable actors popular.

Back then, Chi Yexi’s first movie was also a script by Si Yuehan. It was a mystery film.

It was that movie that secured Chi Yexi’s status as a major movie star.

Chi Yexi was only 20 years old that year.

His success was inseparable from that movie. If that movie had been a bad one, he wouldn’t have achieved so much.

“Thank you, Jiaojiao.” Dang Nan was so excited that her eyes turned red.

Her favorite movie, which was also her idol Chi Yexi’s first movie, was written by Si Yuehan.

She had once seen Chi Yexi publicly announce on Weibo that his idol was Teacher Si.

Seeing the idol of her idol was also something that would make any fan very excited.

“Teacher Si has been preparing for a new drama recently. There’s still a female supporting role available. When you see Teacher Si later, you have to do your best,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

“Jiaojiao, I deeply suspect that you’re some secret big boss,” Dang Nan said as she looked meaningfully at her.

She increasingly felt that Jiaojiao wasn’t simple.

She could sense that Jiaojiao was a hidden power.

Chi Jiao fluttered her lashes and smiled. “I’m not some big boss. I got to know Teacher Si through my brother.”

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