Chapter 485: Jiaojiao, You’re the Best

“May I ask who your brother is?” Dang Nan asked casually.

“Chi Yexi,” Chi Jiao answered calmly.

“Chi. Ye. Xi?!” Dang Nan was so excited that she nearly screamed. Her fair little face was flushed with excitement.

She had always been a stoic person. When had she ever lost control like this?

But she really couldn’t control it!

Chi Yexi!

Her idol, Chi Yexi!

Ever since Chi Yexi made his debut, she had fallen hopelessly in love with him.

It was also because she wanted to be closer to her idol that she defined her life goal to be an actress.

Seeing Dang Nan’s hand trembling in excitement, how could Chi Jiao not understand?

“You like Chi Yexi, too?” Chi Jiao asked.

Dang Nan nodded fervently.

“If there’s a chance, I’ll help you ask for an autograph.” Chi Jiao thought of Chi Yexi’s usual cold personality and instantly gave up on the idea of introducing Dang Nan to him.

Although Chi Yexi was in the entertainment industry, he was a very difficult person to approach privately.

Among her brothers, Chi Yexi had the coldest personality.

When she first got to know him, it took her a lot of effort to get to know him better.

It was hard to believe.

Chi Yexi had Social Anxiety Disorder.

This was also the reason why he never partic.i.p.ated in variety shows and rarely posted on his social media accounts. He only concentrated on filming.

Therefore, all Chi Jiao could do was to get an autograph for Dang Nan.

She had to consider Chi Yexi’s feelings.

“Jiaojiao, you’re the best!” Dang Nan wished she could hug Chi Jiao and kiss her!

When Chi Jiao saw how happy she was, a faint smile appeared on her lips.

In her previous life, she didn’t understand how it was to like someone.

But now, she understood how Dang Nan felt.

At the same time, she was happy for Chi Yexi.

It was precisely because fans like Dang Nan liked him so pa.s.sionately that his aspirations could come true.


Si Yuehan was from White City, but his studio was in Shang Jing. Every year, he would only return to White City for a short stay of two months before the new year.

After alighting from the bus, Chi Jiao led Dang Nan along a tree-lined path and arrived at an exquisite villa’s courtyard.

Ever since she got off the bus, Dang Nan had been feeling nervous.

She kept clenching her fists, her palms sweating.

It was no wonder she was so nervous.

She was about to meet Si Yuehan.

This person was a big shot.

Her performance might affect her future.

Just as she was about to knock on the door, Chi Jiao suddenly turned to Dang Nan and said, “Xiao Nan, confidence is the best makeup for a person. Don’t be too nervous, just treat this as a normal meeting.”

Confidence was the best makeup for a person.

This sentence made a deep impression on Dang Nan.

Under Chi Jiao’s encouraging gaze, she suddenly felt less nervous and calmer.

“Jiaojiao, I can do it,” Dang Nan said.

These words were meant for both Chi Jiao and her.

She finally had such a good opportunity. She had to succeed.

Chi Jiao nodded and rang the doorbell.

Before long, someone came out of the villa, walked quickly to the iron gate in the courtyard, and opened it.

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