Chapter 486: You’re Rejecting Me

“Miss Chi, you have become even more beautiful.” A young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes smiled at her and spoke in fluent Chinese.

Chi Jiao smiled politely. “Susan, this is my friend, Dang Nan.”

Susan looked at Dang Nan and quickly sized her up.

Dang Nan was dressed in a neat and simple black outfit today and a black cap worn back to front in a casual manner. She exuded a youthful aura.

Her looks belonged to the bright and lovely type, sweet but also cool.

A glint flashed across her eyes.

Susan suddenly felt that after Mr. Si met this girl called Dang Nan, his troubles would be resolved.

“Miss Dang, I’m Mr. Si’s personal a.s.sistant. My name is Susan.” Susan gave Dang Nan a bright smile.

Dang Nan also greeted her warmly.

After exchanging greetings, Chi Jiao looked at Susan and asked, “Is Mr. Si busy?”

Susan pursed her lips and smiled. “When Mr. Si heard that you were coming today, he woke up very early and personally prepared flower tea and dessert. But half an hour ago, there was suddenly another guest at home, and Mr. Si is entertaining the guest now. He arranged for me to bring you to the greenhouse to wait for him.”

Chi Jiao nodded.

In the living room of the villa.

The handsome young man in the wheelchair looked at the man and woman sitting on the sofa.

“Teacher Si, you can consider my suggestion carefully. With the Sheng family’s funds and the support of the team, your new drama will definitely be more successful.” The man was wearing an expensive suit, and there was a smile on his femininely handsome face.

The woman sitting next to him was wearing a pink Chanel suit. She looked pristine and pretty as she gazed at Si Yuehan expectantly.

Anyone would recognize the woman as the current popular starlet, Shen s.h.i.+qing.

Si Yuehan glanced at Shen s.h.i.+qing. “Miss Shen does not fit the image of the second female lead in my new drama, so I cannot agree to your request.”

Shen s.h.i.+qing’s face turned pale at his words.

It was as if she had been dealt a heavy blow.

“Brother Tianhan, forget it. Don’t make things difficult for Teacher Si.” Shen s.h.i.+qing gently tugged on the sleeve of the man beside her.

“Teacher Si, are you rejecting me?” Sheng Tianhan narrowed his eyes and stared at Si Yuehan with a threatening gaze.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Sheng. Let’s work together again next time,” Si Yuehan said firmly.

“Alright, I understand.” Sheng Tianhan stood up from the sofa and looked down at him. “You better not regret your decision.”

With that, he walked out of the house.

“Goodbye, Teacher Si.” Shen s.h.i.+qing bid farewell to Si Yuehan politely before catching up with Sheng Tianhan in a hurry.

Just then, Susan walked in.

She glanced at Sheng Tianhan, who was leaving in a huff, and guessed that he didn’t succeed.

“Mr. Si, Miss Chi and her friend have arrived,” Susan said as she walked over.

Si Yuehan’s expression softened and he nodded with a smile. “Bring me to them, then.”

In the backyard of the villa was a huge gla.s.s greenhouse. The environment was elegant and beautiful.

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