Chapter 487: We Haven’t Seen Each Other for About a Year

The roses in the greenhouse bloomed beautifully and the air was filled with a faint fragrance.

Sunlight shone through the gla.s.s into the greenhouse. The temperature was just right.

In the middle of the greenhouse was a long white table with exquisite cutlery on it.

Susan personally prepared floral tea and dessert.

There were macaroons, strawberry mousse, and tiramisu.

Not only that, but Susan also played music.

The lovely and joyful melody of the piano flowed through the greenhouse, making one happy just by hearing it.

Susan went to inform Si Yuehan that they had arrived, and Chi Jiao and Dang Nan waited in the greenhouse.

“This sounds like Teacher Lu’s piano solo, right?” Dang Nan felt that the tune was familiar.

Chi Jiao took a sip of the rose tea and nodded with a smile.

“Teacher Lu’s songs are all very cheerful and soothing.” Dang Nan smiled.

Chi Jiao nodded again.

As the two of them chatted, Susan pushed Si Yuehan’s wheelchair into the greenhouse.

When Chi Jiao saw him, she immediately stood up and greeted him with a smile. “Teacher Si.”

Dang Nan hurriedly stood up and greeted him. “Teacher Si.”

She couldn’t help but discreetly size up Si Yuehan.

When she saw the handsome man with a pale complexion sitting in the wheelchair, surprise flashed across her eyes.

Si Yuehan was very old-fas.h.i.+oned and a recluse. He never partic.i.p.ated in media press conferences and had never been willing to have his photos shared on the internet.

Hence, only those who had met Si Yuehan in private knew what he looked like.

Dang Nan never expected Si Yuehan to be in this condition.

He looked like he had been ill for a long time and was a little frail.

Si Yuehan’s gaze also landed on Dang Nan. His calm eyes instantly lit up with a fiery glow.

Nodding at her, Si Yuehan’s gaze landed on Chi Jiao. A gentle and polite smile appeared on his cherry blossom lips. “It’s been about a year since we last met, right?”

“One year and three months.” Chi Jiao fluttered her lashes playfully. “But Teacher Si is still as elegant as ever.”

Si Yuehan looked like he was one of those frail beauties from ancient times. His beauty was of a delicate and gentle style.

Chi Jiao felt that Si Yuehan was the most gentle man she had ever met.

Susan pushed Si Yuehan to the long white table and poured a cup of floral tea for him.

“How has Chi Yexi been recently?” Si Yuehan asked.

“He’s very well,” Chi Jiao answered with a smile.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Si Yuehan’s gaze landed on Dang Nan.

Dang Nan originally thought that she would be even more nervous in Si Yuehan’s presence.

However, for some reason, when she looked at the man in front of her, her emotions inexplicably calmed down.

It was probably because of this man’s gentle temperament that she felt extremely comfortable.

Legend had it that Si Yuehan had a strange temper and a cold personality.

From the looks of it, rumors were hard to believe.

Dang Nan allowed him to scrutinize her.

“You’ve never acted before. Are you a complete beginner?” Si Yuehan asked her gently.

Dang Nan nodded and looked straight at him as she said, “But I’m taking acting lessons and often practice at home.”

Her pocket money was all spent on hiring teachers.

She had still managed to acc.u.mulate some experience over the past two years.

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