Chapter 488: She Must Succeed

Si Yuehan nodded and said to Susan, who was standing beside him, “Susan, let Miss Dang take a look at the script first.”

Susan nodded and immediately went to get the script.

Dang Nan knew that Si Yuehan was trying to test her abilities. Feeling a little nervous, she turned to look at Chi Jiao.

Chi Jiao smiled and nodded at her, giving her a rea.s.suring look.

Only then did Dang Nan calm down slightly. She quietly took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

A determined look gradually appeared in her eyes.

Success or failure depended on this.

If she could really get Si Yuehan’s approval, she would officially be able to break into the acting industry.

Therefore, she had to succeed.

Susan soon brought the script over.

Of course, he couldn’t show the complete script to her. What Susan brought over was the script for Dang Nan’s audition.

Si Yuehan’s new drama was set in a high school. It mainly reflected the problem of campus violence. It was a departure from his usual style of suspense thrillers and would be a challenge for him.

The movie’s name was “The Back of the Sunflower”. It was about the female lead who suffered from campus bullying for three years in high school. However, she didn’t become dispirited because of the unfair treatment and abuse. Instead, she worked hard to get into the University of Political Science and Law and eventually became a very outstanding lawyer. She sent all the people who had abused her to prison. The movie also explored the entanglements of love, kins.h.i.+p, and friends.h.i.+p.

There was no typical Mary Sue character in the script. Instead, the story was very realistic, hitting the darkest and most resilient sides of the human heart.

The role of the female lead had already been decided. It would be played by a new actress who was famous for her acting skills, Jing Ziwen.

The male lead wasn’t decided yet, and neither were the two major supporting female roles.

One of the supporting female roles was the antagonist called Luo Xiaohui. She was a rich second-generation heir, but she came from a family with rather twisted values. Her biological mother pa.s.sed away very early, and her stepmother was a mistress.

In order for her son to inherit the family business, her stepmother deliberately spoiled Luo Xiaohui.

Luo Xiaohui’s father often scolded her because she always caused trouble.

Although Luo Xiaohui didn’t lack material things in life, she was extremely insensitive and selfish when it came to relations.h.i.+ps.

To fill the void in her heart, she chose a very wrong path.

Obtaining satisfaction by bullying the weak.

The other supporting female character was a childhood friend of the female lead. Her name was Yuan Shanshan. She seemed to be on good terms with the female lead, but because she was never better than the female lead, she was always jealous of her. When the female lead was bullied, she would always quietly hide and watch from the sidelines. However, when she graduated from school and stepped into society, she was betrayed by her friends and disowned by her parents who favored boys over girls. She then understood that the only person who had ever treated her sincerely was the female lead who had grown up with her. She would repent and help the female lead to seek justice.

In the script that Susan brought over were two scenes. One was Luo Xiaohui and the other Yuan Shanshan’s.

Si Yuehan let Dang Nan choose for herself.

He felt that a smart actor would choose the most suited script and the role.

Chi Jiao knew that “The Back of the Sunflower” would become the most popular drama of the year after it started airing. That was why she wanted Dang Nan to give it a try.

“You can choose one of these two characters to try,” Susan said.

Dang Nan nodded and read the script seriously.

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