Chapter 489: This Girl’s Performance Had Gone a Little Beyond His Expectations

The script stated the background of the two supporting roles.

From Dang Nan’s point of view, neither of these two characters was likable.

But compared to the repentant Yuan Shanshan, Luo Xiaohui was an abomination.

Luo Xiaohui was both a pitiful and hateful character. Because of her twisted family, she suffered from mild depression at a very young age.

But her misfortune wasn’t a reason to hurt others.

Obviously, Luo Xiaohui’s character was more complicated and harder to flesh out.

As Dang Nan read the script, Chi Jiao and Si Yuehan did not say a word. They quietly sipped their tea and waited for her decision.

After an hour, Dang Nan raised her head and looked at Si Yuehan. “I want to try for Luo Xiaohui.”

Although Luo Xiaohui was a villain, this role was very difficult to play, and it left a deep impression.

She was looking at this drama objectively. Whether it was a villain or a hero, someone had to embody them perfectly. Only then could this drama truly move towards success.

“Sure. Try following the scene in the script.” Si Yuehan smiled. It seemed like he was very satisfied with Dang Nan’s decision.

Susan glanced at him and smiled.

She knew that Mr. Si would definitely want that girl to choose Luo Xiaohui.

Because Luo Xiaohui’s appearance was very similar to this young girl’s.

“Alright.” Dang Nan stood up and moved to a relatively empty spot.

Chi Jiao pumped her fist at her as a gesture of encouragement.

Dang Nan smiled before closing her eyes to calm herself down.

In her mind, she quickly went through the persona and details of Luo Xiaohui that she had just read. When Dang Nan opened her eyes again, her expression had completely changed.

Her eyes were filled with panic, rejection, and boredom.

But her back was straight.

After taking a few steps, she behaved like there was a door in front of her.

She made to reach out to unlock the door a few times, but she kept stopping halfway.

When Si Yuehan saw this, he couldn’t help but sit up straight. His eyes flashed with interest.

This girl’s performance had gone a little beyond his expectations.

Chi Jiao also looked at Dang Nan with sparkling eyes.

Xiao Nan hadn’t let her down.

Her acting wasn’t awkward at all. It was very natural.

Meanwhile, Dang Nan seemed to have finally made a decision. She moved to unlock the door before opening it.

Then, she slowly took two steps forward to enter the house.

She halted and looked around like a wary cat.

“No one’s home, haha,” whispered Dang Nan. The corner of her lips lifted, but tears streamed down her face.

Disappointment and relief were revealed from her subtle expression.

Chi Jiao couldn’t help but nod.

She remembered that the scene in which Dang Nan was acting out was on Luo Xiaohui’s birthday.

In the scene, Luo Xiaohui’s relations.h.i.+p with her father had been recently strained. Every time they met, they would have a big fight, and in the end, her father would whip her with his belt. She hadn’t been home for three consecutive days, but today was her birthday. For some reason, she really wanted to go home and take a look.

Even though that home was cold to her, it was still her home.

But when she got back, Luo Xiaohui felt fearful.

She was worried that if her father was at home, she would get into conflict with him again and get beaten up.

But at the same time, she hoped that her father would treat her better today because it was her birthday.

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