Chapter 490: Do You Mean That You Are Giving Me the Role?

After a long internal conflict, Luo Xiaohui finally entered the house, only to find that it was empty. Her stepmother, half-siblings, and father were not home.

No one seemed to notice that she hadn’t been home for three days, and no one remembered that it was her birthday today.

Dang Nan perfectly portrayed Luo Xiaohui’s complicated state of mind.

“Next scene.” Si Yuehan called out.

Dang Nan quickly adjusted her state of mind and abruptly raised her head to look ahead.

Her eyes were filled with provocation and arrogance, and her lips curled into a very cynical smile.

She raised her hand slowly before bringing it down heavily.

She seemed to have given someone a powerful slap.

After she was done, she rubbed her fingers and smiled even more happily. “I don’t need a reason to hit you. I just don’t like you. People like you only know how to use tears to gain sympathy. Aren’t you disgusting?”

Right now, Dang Nan really seemed to have been possessed by a bad girl. She exuded an evil aura.

Looking at her, Si Yuehan couldn’t help chuckling and nodding.

She was able to quickly move from the previous scene and enter another completely different scene. She was able to adjust her emotions so quickly and play the character so naturally.

It was indeed not bad.

Susan looked at Dang Nan in amazement.

She felt that Mr. Si had come upon a treasure this time.

This girl’s acting was surprisingly good.

“That’s enough. Miss Dang, please come over and have a chat,” Si Yuehan said.

Dang Nan adjusted her emotions again before walking to Chi Jiao’s side and sitting down.

She had yet to fully detach from Luo Xiaohui. In fact, during the first scene, she had completely immersed herself in the role and deeply experienced the emotions of the character.

Luo Xiaohui was originally a very kind child. Before her mother pa.s.sed away, when she was three years old, she would often bring delicious snacks to the kindergarten to share with other children.

However, she was completely ruined by her treacherous stepmother.

She was as pathetic as a character could be.

“Miss Dang, are you still in high school?” Si Yuehan asked in a mild tone.

Dang Nan was still immersed in her own thoughts and nodded subconsciously.

Si Yuehan twirled the ring on his left ring finger and smiled. “Do you think you have the time to play the role of Luo Xiaohui? If you’re willing, we will try our best to arrange your filming time to your free time. It won’t affect your studies, but it will be very tiring for you to film and study at the same time.”

When Dang Nan heard what Si Yuehan said, she suddenly snapped out of her thoughts and looked up at him in disbelief. “Mr. Si, do you mean that you are giving the role?”

Si Yuehan smiled and nodded.

The surprise came so quickly that it was like a tornado. Dang Nan smiled until her eyes curved into crescents.

“I can do it, Mr. Si. I’m not afraid of hard work!” Dang Nan said firmly, her voice trembling.

She had actually succeeded.

It was simply amazing.

“Then, it’s settled. I’ll have to trouble you to come again this weekend. We need to sign the contract.” At this point, Si Yuehan paused and looked at Dang Nan more meaningfully. “Also, although your acting skills are not bad, you’re still lacking in experience and need more practice. If you don’t mind, you can come to my place whenever you are free. I can teach you some skills.”

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