Chapter 491: Do You Feel That She Looks Like Someone?

Hearing what he said, Chi Jiao couldn’t help but glance at him.


This was really strange.

Why did she feel that Si Yuehan was particularly fond of Dang Nan?

This person usually liked peace and quiet. He never liked it when others came to his residence to disturb him. He had never taken the initiative to help guide others.

Not only Chi Jiao, but even Susan was also stunned.

She had been Si Yuehan’s a.s.sistant for a few years.

She had never seen him take the initiative to teach someone else how to act.

Si Yuehan graduated from the performing arts department and his degree was a Ph.D.

Before he started writing scripts, he was a professor who taught acting at the Beijing Drama Academy.

After his transition to script-writing, Si Yuehan no longer taught any students.

Many actors who had just debuted, and even those who were currently popular, wanted to discuss their acting skills with Si Yuehan, but he rejected them all.

What was going on today?

He actually personally offered to teach that little girl.

Could it be…

Susan took a look at Dang Nan, and a look of apprehension flashed across her face. She didn’t dare to continue thinking about it.

Dang Nan didn’t know what kind of person Si Yuehan was. She only felt that he was approachable and different from the rumors.

Dang Nan had a good impression of Si Yuehan. She smiled. “Thank you, Teacher Si. If Teacher Si doesn’t mind the trouble, I will definitely visit you frequently.”

Si Yuehan’s smile deepened as he looked at her with a gentle gaze. “It’s no trouble. I’m doing this so that you can play the role of Luo Xiaohui better.”

“I’ll definitely work hard. I won’t let Mr. Si down.” Dang Nan wasn’t good at pleasantries and could only express the most direct thoughts in her heart.

Si Yuehan nodded. “I believe you.”

Seeing that they were getting along so well, Chi Jiao was relieved.

After spending a pleasant morning in the greenhouse, Si Yuehan insisted that they stay for lunch.

Chi Jiao and Dang Nan had no choice but to stay for lunch before leaving.

Si Yuehan personally sent them to the entrance of the villa’s courtyard and watched them leave.

Standing behind him, Susan watched as Chi Jiao and Dang Nan left. She couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Si, do you like that girl Dang Nan?”

Si Yuehan didn’t reply. Instead, he looked at Dang Nan’s back view and narrowed his eyes. “Susan, do you think that she looks like someone?”

“But Sir, no one can replace Madam.” Susan lowered her head and looked at him. Her tone was very serious. “No matter how much that girl resembles Madam, she’s not Madam. If you treat her as a subst.i.tute, it would be unfair to that girl.”

Upon hearing what she said, Si Yuehan lowered his head and smiled. “You don’t have to worry. I’m not at the stage where I need a replacement to comfort me.”

Only then did Susan heave a sigh of relief.

She was very worried that Si Yuehan would lose himself because Dang Nan looked a little like his deceased wife.

“It’s been three years since Madam pa.s.sed away. Sir, you should try to let it go,” Susan said softly.

Si Yuehan raised the corner of his lips slightly. “Yes.”

But… he had never picked it up before, so how could he put it down?

On the bus trip back, Dang Nan was still in a state of excitement.

“Mr. Si is really gentlemanly. How could there be such a perfect man?” Dang Nan couldn’t help smiling brightly as she thought of Si Yuehan.

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