Chapter 492: This Man Was Intentionally Investigating Her

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When Chi Jiao saw Dang Nan like this, one word immediately came to mind.


“Jiaojiao, do you know why Teacher Si sits in a wheelchair?” Dang Nan suddenly thought of this and asked Chi Jiao.

“Three years ago, Mr. Si was in a car accident. In that car accident, his wife unfortunately pa.s.sed away, and the nerves in his legs were severely damaged, leading to necrosis,” Chi Jiao said slowly.

Dang Nan gasped.

No wonder she felt a slight remoteness from Si Yuehan.

Even when he was smiling at someone, his eyes were as clear as water without any hint of a smile.

“Teacher Si will never get the chance to stand up again?” Dang Nan asked softly.

She suddenly felt that the heavens were sometimes cruel and fair.

They had given Si Yuehan an excellent head and a bright future but had taken away his healthy body and his wife, who could have been with him for the rest of his life.

At this thought, Dang Nan’s heart ached.

She felt that for a man like Si Yuehan, his wife must be a very gentle person.

“That’s hard to say. If medical knowledge can reach a higher level in the future, he might have a chance to stand up again. However, it’s already very fortunate that he managed to survive back then,” Chi Jiao said slowly.

“One who survives a great catastrophe will have good fortune in the future,” Dang Nan said with a slight smile.

Chi Jiao nodded in agreement.


After she parted ways with Dang Nan and returned home, Chi Jiao was about ten meters away from her house when she saw a cool black motorcycle parked outside her house. A man was standing beside it.

The man’s golden hair was very striking.

Chi Jiao was stunned for a moment before she quickened her pace.

“How did you find this place?” Chi Jiao asked as she came before Beitang Lie.

She remembered that she didn’t give him her address last time.

This man had checked up on her.

This made Chi Jiao a little unhappy. She glared at Beitang Lie like an angry kitten, filled with caution and displeasure.

“Honey, I only checked your address. I have no intention of prying into your privacy.” Beitang Lie didn’t want her to look at him like he was a pervert.

“Do you need anything from me?” Chi Jiao asked in a mild tone.

“Zhen Xiaoqing has already woken up. You Yin’s superior is currently interrogating her in the hospital.” Beitang Lie quickly brought up the main issue. He was worried that Chi Jiao would see him as a pervert who liked to pry into private matters.

Chi Jiao frowned slightly. “Then, let’s go over now.”

“Alright, Boss.” Beitang Lie got on the motorcycle and threw her a helmet. “I’ll bring you there.”

Chi Jiao shook her head. “You, get off.”

“You don’t believe in my riding skills?” Beitang Lie raised his eyebrows.

“No, I’m not used to riding pillion,” Chi Jiao said lightly.

Beitang Lie was even more surprised and looked her up and down. “You know how to ride motorcycles, too?”

“Try and you will know,” Chi Jiao said calmly.

Ten minutes later.

Beitang Lie felt as if he was traveling at the same speed as the wind all the way to the hospital.

The 20-minute drive was shortened to ten minutes by Chi Jiao.

After getting off the bike, Beitang Lie was still in a daze.

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