Chapter 493: She Didn’t Want to Talk to That Man

After Chi Jiao parked the vehicle, she threw the keys to him and walked into the hospital.

Beitang Lie caught the keys and followed her.

“Boss, are you an experienced rider?” Beitang Lie walked beside Chi Jiao and looked at her with s.h.i.+ning eyes. “Are you interested in joining my club and racing with me?”

He felt that Chi Jiao’s driving skills could instantly kill the professional players in his club.

If he hadn’t experienced it himself, he wouldn’t have realized that Chi Jiao was actually an experienced rider.

“Not interested.” Chi Jiao was blunt.

These were all things that she had been interested in last year. She had gotten bored of those activities after a few months.

When Beitang Lie saw Chi Jiao reject him so decisively, a regretful expression appeared on his handsome face.

However, he didn’t continue to persuade her.

After all, everyone had different interests and hobbies. One couldn’t force it.

Zhen Xiaoqing was in the special care unit. Due to her special condition, the hospital had specially arranged a single room for her. Not only did 117 send people to guard Zhen Xiaoqing, but the police station had also cooperated by sending police officers over.

The ward was heavily guarded.

After entering the ward building, Beitang Lie handed the 117 work pa.s.s to Chi Jiao.

Without a pa.s.s, it was impossible to enter Zhen Xiaoqing’s room.

At the door of the ward, Chi Jiao and Beitang Lie showed their work pa.s.s before they were allowed to enter.

After entering the ward, Chi Jiao glanced around and saw a middle-aged man sitting beside the bed.

The man was wearing a brown windbreaker and looked to be in his forties. His skin was dark and his appearance was average. However, his aura was sharp like an unsheathed sword.

You Yin stood behind the man, acting like an underling.

As for Zhen Xiaoqing, she was lying on the bed with her eyes closed and her mouth tightly shut.

It was obvious she didn’t want to talk to that man.

Zhuo Feng’s attention was completely focused on Zhen Xiaoqing, so he didn’t notice that someone had entered.

His face was grim as he looked at Zhen Xiaoqing, who had kept stubbornly silent. “You’re stubborn now! The crime you’ve committed is enough to sentence you to death! Now that there’s a chance for you to redeem yourself, don’t you know how to cherish it?”

Zhen Xiaoqing acted as if she hadn’t heard him, continuing to do as she pleased.

In the end, it was You Yin who noticed Chi Jiao and Beitang Lie.

“Chief, Division Head Beitang.” You Yin immediately stood up and greeted them.

Only then did Zhuo Feng notice that others had arrived. He looked at Chi Jiao and Beitang Lie.

Zhen Xiaoqing also opened her eyes and looked towards the two people who had just entered.

When she saw Chi Jiao, malevolent hatred immediately surfaced in her eyes.

However, she was tied to the bed and could not move. Otherwise, she would have rushed over to scratch Chi Jiao’s face.

If it weren’t for that girl, she would have already left White City with a huge sum of money!

“You’re Chi Jiao?” Zhuo Feng stood up and asked directly.

You Yin glanced at him helplessly.

He was clearly intending to bully the young lady.

Such a bad att.i.tude.

Beitang Lie looked at Zhuo Feng, then at Chi Jiao. His thin lips curled into a playful smile.

It seemed that Zhuo Feng wasn’t convinced that he had a young girl as his boss.

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