Chapter 495: How Did You Know I Have a Son?

Chi Jiao stared at him for a long time.

Zhuo Feng allowed her to look at him as she pleased. But deep in his heart, he felt a little uncomfortable with her unfathomable gaze.

To be honest, he also felt that he couldn’t see through this girl in front of him.

Just as Zhuo Feng couldn’t take it any longer and was about to speak, Chi Jiao suddenly laughed.

“Division Head Zhuo, since you have time to bother about me, why don’t you spend the time instead to care more about your son? Your son is going to have a big disaster soon.”

Zhuo Feng’s pupils constricted when he heard what she said.

Meanwhile, You Yin and Beitang Lie were stunned.


Wasn’t Zhuo Feng single?

All the members in 117 who knew Zhuo Feng knew that he was a workaholic. If he didn’t need to sleep, he would work 24 hours a day. He had no time to fall in love.

They had never heard of Zhuo Feng being married.

Zhuo Feng was just as surprised as You Yin and Beitang Lie.

Only his mother knew that he had a son. No one else knew.

He hadn’t mentioned this to anyone in the organization.

“How did you know that I have a son?” Zhuo Feng asked in a low voice.

“I divined it.” Chi Jiao looked at him lightly. “When you were three years old, your father drowned to save you from drowning in the pond. When you were ten years old, your brother was killed in a car accident to save you. You and your mother were the only ones left in your family. Moreover, your mother’s health isn’t good and needs to take medicine all year round. Your son is 15 years old this year. He was born from you and a…”

“Enough!” The more Chi Jiao spoke, the more shocked Zhuo Feng became. Worried that she would reveal his deepest secret, he immediately stopped her from continuing.

Chi Jiao wasn’t someone who liked to expose the public matters of others in public, so she didn’t continue.

Actually, she knew everything about Zhuo Feng in detail because he had brought his mother to seek medical help in her previous life.

Na Yankun would help her find out information about every person who asked her for help.

However, Chi Jiao had personally divined the deaths of Zhuo Feng’s father and brother.

Espers’ superpowers could evolve.

Chi Jiao’s supernatural power was also gradually evolving. She could tell from the other party’s face that some very unforgettable events happened to him in the past.

Zhuo Feng’s cheekbones were too high, and there was a faint green mark between his brows. This was the face of a person destined to be alone.

From the perspective of the five elements, he was a jinx.

People like him usually would have no family and suffer a rough life.

Zhuo Feng was like this.

Chi Jiao knew why Zhuo Feng wanted to stop her from continuing.

It was because his mother was a fallen woman.

That woman also had a hard life. She was tricked into entering the s.e.x trade. After she was rescued by the local police, she got together with Zhuo Feng. In the end, while giving birth to his son, she bled profusely and pa.s.sed away.

Zhuo Feng looked at Chi Jiao with a conflicted expression.

He felt that her calm black eyes were unfathomable, just like her.

“What do you mean when you say my son is in trouble?” Zhuo Feng took a deep breath and asked.

“Think about who you’ve offended recently.” Chi Jiao looked at him with a neutral expression.

In her previous life, Zhuo Feng’s son was killed by his enemies when he was 15 years old.

She didn’t like Zhuo Feng, but that child was innocent.

It was just a verbal reminder to Zhuo Feng. It was not a troublesome matter, to begin with.

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