Chapter 497: If Your Daughter Knows You’re a Murderer

“Zhen Xiaoqing, I advise you to tell us honestly. You have been captured and there’s no chance for you to escape anymore. So, why don’t you just cooperate with us and try to reduce your sentence?” You Yin advised her.

Espers also had to be punished for their crimes.

They didn’t receive preferential treatment compared to ordinary people.

Zhen Xiaoqing also understood this point. She suddenly grinned and said, “From the moment I decided to take revenge on those heartless dogs, I had already prepared for the worst. Don’t try to scare me with your sentencing. Isn’t it just death? I’m not afraid.”

“You’re quite stubborn.” Beitang Lie walked over and looked at her. “Why don’t we bring this woman back to the branch? I’ll make her speak.”

When dealing with Espers, they couldn’t follow the usual rules.

They had to use special methods when necessary.

Hearing Beitang Lie’s words, Zhen Xiaoqing couldn’t even be bothered to look at him. It was as if a dead pig didn’t fear boiling water.

Chi Jiao waved her hand at Beitang Lie, indicating for him to calm down.

Her black eyes stared straight at Zhen Xiaoqing as if she wanted to see through her soul.

“Zhen Xiaoqing, have you ever thought about what will happen to your daughter if she finds out that you’re a homicidal maniac?” Chi Jiao smiled at her.

Zhen Xiaoqing’s expression finally changed.

Shock, panic, nervousness…

All sorts of complicated emotions flashed across her face, making her still swollen face look a little comical.

Licking her lips, Zhen Xiaoqing looked at Chi Jiao and asked, “How did you know that I have a daughter?”

This question was exactly the same as what Zhuo Feng had asked her.

“I divined it,” Chi Jiao answered.

When Zhen Xiaoqing’s blood splattered on her body, she had already seen everything about this woman.

She had given birth to a daughter when she was 19 years old. At that time, she was also deceived by the father, who was a jerk.

He secretly left his daughter behind. Zhen Xiaoqing handed her daughter over to her mother to raise, making her mother lie that the baby girl had been adopted. Zhen Xiaoqing then treated the little girl as her younger sister.

This was Zhen Xiaoqing’s secret.

That was why she was so shocked and in a panic.

“If other people knew that your daughter had a mother like you, what do you think they would think? Parents are the role models for children. What kind of example do you think your actions have set for your daughter?” Chi Jiao looked at her mockingly.

Zhen Xiaoqing loved her daughter very much.

This was something that Chi Jiao had learned from Zhen Xiaoqing’s memories.

However, she believed that Zhen Xiaoqing still loved herself the most.

If she truly loved her daughter, she wouldn’t have committed such a heinous crime.

From the start, she wouldn’t be someone else’s mistress. Instead, she would be honest and upright.

Ultimately, she only loved herself.

You Yin was stunned by Chi Jiao’s actions.

Oh my goodness.

Was she some legendary psychic?

It was really too awesome.

Beitang Lie was just as surprised.

He suddenly remembered what Chi Jiao told him about his disastrous romantic encounter.

At that time, he had scoffed at her and thought that she was so young and yet so into superst.i.tions.

He was an atheist and never believed in feng shui.

But now, he had witnessed Chi Jiao accurately divining that Zhen Xiaoqing had a daughter. He couldn’t help but doubt his previous beliefs.

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