Chapter 1585: Game

Shen Yuanbao suddenly opened his narrowed eyes, and they emanated a light that scared even his own son out of his wits.

“Lu Siya is just a young girl. How can she have such an appet.i.te?” Shen Yuanbao asked casually.

“Perhaps Lu Siya doesn’t have such an appet.i.te. Even if she does, an intelligent person like her who knows how to judge the situation will also lurk in the dark and develop in secret. Similar people will wait until their wings are fully grown and they are in the right place at the right time before they launch an attack.”

Shen Yuhe said, “However, just because Lu Siya doesn’t have such an appet.i.te doesn’t mean that other people don’t as well.”

“Who then?”

Shen Yuanbao asked, “Who has it?”

“The Supernatural Tower, the Survival Committee, Battle G.o.d Palace, and the Red Dragon Army.” Shen Yuhe’s words were, once more, astounding.

Shen Yuanbao’s expression became more serious as his gaze turned deeper.

It was as though he had instantly calculated many things in his mind.

“The Supernatural Tower is not a person,” said Shen Yuanbao.

“The Supernatural Tower is indeed not a person but a puppet. It’s the same as the Survival Committee. In the beginning, it was just a puppet pushed to the forefront by the nine corporations.”

Shen Yuhe said, “At that time, although the Blood Alliance had been killed by the nine families, Dragon City continued to be in a state of chaos. The threat of zombies and monsters was growing stronger both inside and outside Dragon City.

“To prevent the nine families from killing each other and causing the total destruction of the entire civilization, we accepted Battle G.o.d Lei Zongchao’s proposal. We set up a Supernatural Tower to manage all the superhumans. We also set up a Survival Committee to control Dragon City’s direction. The nine families also turned into nine companies through a series of corporate operations. From then on, the b.l.o.o.d.y battles turned into equally intense but more civilized business compet.i.tions.

“In the beginning, the dual management system of the Supernatural Tower and Survival Committee worked very well. The superhumans who originally belonged to the nine major families were finally able to break free from the severe internal strife. In addition to fighting against monsters, expanding their living s.p.a.ce, and gathering strategic resources, they could also free up enough time to devote themselves to cultivation and break through to the heaven or even the G.o.d realm one after another, gradually forming the nine major cultivation aristocratic families today.

“However, as the nine companies and the nine families continue to rise, we have also overlooked a very important point.

“Even if they are puppets, the Supernatural Tower and the Survival Committee are nominally the highest management organization for all the superhumans and even the entire Dragon City.


“As time, the Supernatural Tower has been gathering more manpower, resources, and power. The influence of the Survival Committee among all the citizens is also growing. It is inevitable that there will be various interest groups within the two. There will be conflicts with the interests of the nine companies.

“Power is like alcohol. As long as one has experienced the feeling of being in heaven, no one can truly give it up.

“Therefore, regardless of whether it is the Supernatural Tower or the Survival Committee, they are trying to get rid of the control of the nine corporations and their status as puppets. They are even trying to turn the tables and control the nine corporations instead. This is an inevitable trend.

“Recently, there is a hot topic on Dragon City’s Internet called, ‘Does Dragon City own the nine corporations, or does the nine corporations own Dragon City?’

“From the humble superhumans to the ordinary citizens, many netizens have partic.i.p.ated in a very heated discussion, and the outcome of the discussion is very unfavorable to the nine major enterprises. Father, brothers and sisters, do you think that this topic came out of nowhere?”

“Not to mention, there’s also Battle G.o.d Palace and the Red Dragon Army.

“The behind-the-scenes master of Battle G.o.d Palace is Battle G.o.d Lei Zongchao.

“On the surface, this gentleman is a righteous man, but in fact, he is an ambitious man.

“In the past, he and the nine families broke the rule of the Blood Alliance. When it was time to share the cake, he would be rewarded.

“He knew very well that he didn’t have the power of the nine families. Even if he was the number one expert in Dragon City, he still had no chance of winning against the nine families.

“Secondly, his peerless martial strength also comes from the Blood Alliance.

“Although he claims to be the experimental subject of the Blood Alliance and the victim of a series of cruel cultivation experiments conducted by the Blood Alliance, he still has a long way to go.

“Most of the core members of the Blood Alliance have already died, and many of them were killed by him. Who knows what kind of role he plays in the dark ancient ruins?

“From this point of view, Battle G.o.d Lei Zongchao was born with the original sin and was not suitable to be the leader of Dragon City.

“If it were an ordinary boor, he might have jumped out and competed with the nine major families.

“However, Battle G.o.d Lei Zongchao is indeed a once-in-a-hundred-years extraordinary figure. He actually played a trick of retreating in order to advance. On the surface, he refused all official positions and even gave up all the inheritance he inherited from the Blood Alliance. He became a semi-reclusive and unworldly figure.

“In this way, he reaped the unconditional trust and endless wors.h.i.+p of almost all the citizens of Dragon City.

“It also made all the experts of the nine major families gradually lower their vigilance.

“He was even more indifferent to fame and fortune, and he was able to maintain his image for decades without collapsing. After all, an unworldly expert who never partic.i.p.ated in the fight for benefits would never expose any scandals.

“In the dark, Battle G.o.d Lei Zongchao used the name of ‘teaching without discrimination’ to recruit disciples and buy people’s hearts. He attracted the talented disciples of the poor families to make long-term investments in them and cast long-term plans to catch big fish.

“In the end, decades later, when the disciples of Battle G.o.d Lei Zongchao surfaced under Battle G.o.d Palace’s name, this astonis.h.i.+ng power had expanded to an unstoppable degree.

“Now, the number of people in Battle G.o.d Palace is even greater than the total number of employees in Universe Corporation.

“They are everywhere in corporations, universities, the Red Dragon Army, the Supernatural Tower, as well as the various martial and genetic laboratories. Even within Universe Corporation, there are many employees who have received guidance from Battle G.o.d Lei Zongchao and received his funding. Their loyalty to Lei Zongchao is clearly greater than their loyalty to Universe Corporation.

“And we just can’t say anything about it. After all, Battle G.o.d Palace is a legal civil organization that has been registered in the Supernatural Tower. Battle G.o.d Lei Zongchao has given up everything for Dragon City. He has almost become the symbol of dragon city. Those who have received his favor and guidance can form a civil organization to support him in his retirement. Who can find fault with that?

“With the support of Lei Zongchao and Battle G.o.d Palace, those who lurked within the Supernatural Tower and the Survival Committee, unwilling to be controlled by us forever, naturally could not wait to jump out and seize control of Dragon City.

“However, they also know that the nine corporations have been operating Dragon City for many years. They are deeply rooted and can not be easily shaken overnight.

“That’s why they introduced Superstar Company and Lu Siya as the vanguard generals and challenged us in the first round.

“Superstar Company was able to expand from an unknown reaping team into a new force that was second to none in Dragon City in only a few years. A barbarian who was capable of disrupting the rules of the game did not rely on luck alone, much less the so-called ‘miracles’boasted by Meng Chao. Instead, it was a freak that was created by all the people in Dragon City who opposed the nine corporations, the nine families, and the G.o.dly state experts like father.

“Therefore, father, the issue of the black market has to be resolved.

“However, our eyes must not only be on the black market and the giant rats in the enterprises. We must not even focus on Luu Siya, Superstar Company, and Azure Alliance.

“We must deal with the issue that could decide the life and death of the Shen family and Universe Corporation from a higher level and from the perspective of the great game!”

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