Chapter 1586: Motley Crew

The long speech made all the successors look at Shen Yuhe in a very different way.

It was not that no one could figure out the reason behind it.

In fact, the successors who were qualified to stand in that large a.s.sembly hall were all the cream of the crop among the several hundred members of the Shen family.

Even if they appeared to be well-developed and simple-minded, they were only creating a persona that was brave but not scheming so that their compet.i.tors would let down their guard.

These successors more or less felt that with the continuous development of the Supernatural Tower and the Survival Committee, these two organizations that had originally been puppets of the nine corporations had gradually developed their own wills. There was an increasing number of friction and conflicts when they carried out the nine corporations’ orders.

In the year that the Monster War was won, Dragon City had gradually stirred up a tide of opposition against the nine corporations and the nine families.

A storm that could decide the fate of Dragon City’s future was about to fall on everyone’s heads.

However, the old man’s was too sudden.

The rest were not like Shen Yuhe, who had sorted out all the clues in just a few hours and hit the bull’s eye with an arrow.

It was not until Shen Yuhe revealed the “great game” that many of the successors felt annoyed.

They knew that the purpose of today’s meeting was not just to find out the true culprit behind the old man’s

It was more likely that the old man was screening the future leaders of the Shen family and Universe Corporation.

Regardless of whether the old man had suffered any fatal injuries in today’s shocking, hewas already old and senile.

After decades of acc.u.mulated injuries, coupled with the fact that he had suffered heavy injuries during the decisive battle with the monster mastermind, how many more days could the old man live?

And the old man’s cultivation life would only end earlier than his actual life.

Therefore, choosing a suitable successor for the Shen family and Universe Corporation was something that the old man urgently needed to do.


Originally, Shen Yuhe had no chance at all.

Putting aside the fact that he had once been possessed by the devil and his strength had remained at the peak of the heavenly state, he had not made any progress.

He was the main person in charge of Universe Corporation in the black market scandal caused by the Xinhui Business Center incident. If he really had to take the blame and sacrifice the flag, he would be duty-bound and unable to escape the disaster.

However, Shen Yuhe had taken a risk and sought survival in the face of death, linking the black market scandal to the great game about the future path of Dragon City.

It had the meaning of “Digging deep into the black market scandal is to shake the foundation of Universe Corporation. It is to destroy the Shen family.”.

Everyone thought quickly and felt that Shen Yuhe’s words made sense.

The Shen family should of course investigate Universe Corporation’s internal affairs. They should be able to profit from the issue of selling gene reagents.

However, it was one thing for them to conduct an internal investigation.

It was another thing for them to be forced by the Azure Alliance to conduct such an investigation under the Supernatural Tower and Survival Committee’s supervision.

The latter would greatly damage the reputation of Universe Corporation and the morale of the Shen family members. It was something that was absolutely not allowed to happen.

Shen Yuhe, who was the first to point this out, would definitely be viewed differently by the old man. He might even be able to benefit from this misfortune and become the successor that the old man desired?

With this in mind, many of the successors hurriedly came forward to clarify their views.

Some of them were furious:

“Second brother is right, father. We will definitely investigate the internal problems of Universe Corporation, but we must not let the Azure Alliance lead us by the nose!”

Some of them gritted their teeth:

“Our Universe Corporation is one of the nine pillars that defend Dragon City. During the Monster War, we made great contributions and saved countless lives!”! Now that a small problem has appeared, it’s nothing more than ‘a tree with a withered branch.’ It’s nothing out of the ordinary! In the end, we were used by those with ulterior motives and publicized as a heinous crime. They are trying to step on our Universe Corporation’s face to climb higher! It’s something that can be tolerated, but what can’t be tolerated!”

Someone narrowed his eyes.

“The black market is rampant. The problem of rampant smuggling should indeed be solved, but the cost is right here. Selling the gene potions at the official price set by the Supernatural Tower decades ago is like cutting off the flesh and blood of our Universe Corporation. They want to cut us into a thousand pieces!

“If cutting off our flesh and blood can make others think of us, that’s fine, but father, please consider carefully. What if we really yield under the pressure of the Azure Alliance this time? If we give in and take out a large number of cheap gene potions at a loss, who will the consumers thank? Us or the Azure Alliance?”

Someone lamented bitterly:

“That’s the reason. Not only will our retreat not make people think of us as good, it will only make the Azure Alliance’s reputation grow higher and higher, becoming more and more terrifying compet.i.tors. It will make more and more people who oppose the nine corporations and the nine great cultivation families unite under that d*mn azure war flag!

“Also, after consuming the low-priced gene reagent, those ordinary superhumans might become stronger. After that, those ordinary superhumans who become stronger, don’t they need more cultivation resources? Would their appet.i.tes be satisfied because of our goodwill? No, they would only know the taste and continue extending their hands to us until they completely devour Universe Corporation and even the Shen family!

“‘Cut five cities today, cut ten cities tomorrow, and then have a good night’s sleep.’ Father, we can’t do such a stupid thing!” some people said righteously.

“The key is not commercial interests or even the gains and losses of the Shen family, but the future of the entire dragon city and even the entire human civilization!

“The Shen family has the most outstanding bloodline, the most perfect family education system, the strongest sense of honor that has been cultivated through decades of b.l.o.o.d.y battles, and the determination to sacrifice everything for Dragon City.

“We Are Dragon City!

“Whether it is the gene drugs or other training resources, they can only be used to the greatest effect on the members of the Shen family. Only then can dragon city’s overall combat ability be raised to the maximum.

“As for the rabble instigated by the Azure Alliance, they are nothing but a bunch of mediocre idiots!

“If it were decades ago, these people wouldn’t have had the chance to awaken at all.

“It’s all thanks to the fact that they are living in an era of unparalleled luck. Spirit martial arts are flouris.h.i.+ng, and gene drugs are all over the place. All kinds of training facilities and videos are appearing one after another. Only then did they barely manage to climb over the superhuman threshold.

“In my opinion, since these people were able to awaken, they should be grateful to the nine corporations. They should just stay in the One-star Spirit Tattoo Realm obediently. They should know their place!

“In the end, they were too greedy to satisfy their desires. They even wanted to break into the Two-star, Three-star, or even the Heaven Realm?

“How many cultivation resources would it take to break into the Heaven Realm? If the same amount of cultivation resources were used on us, the disciples of the prestigious families, how amazing would we be? How much would it raise the overall combat ability of Dragon City?

“When I think of the extremely precious cultivation resources that will be wasted on these mobs, I feel extremely angry and desperate. This is not only a waste but also a crime. It is a crime that will greatly weaken the overall combat ability of the Dragon City civilization and lead us to the end of the world!

“Father, in the face of the survival of the human civilization, the future of the Shen family and Universe Corporation is not important. But as the Guardians of Dragon City, we really can’t sit back and watch the Azure Alliance incite those mobs to make trouble!”

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