Chapter 1587: The Misfortune of the Zhang Family


Shen Yuanbao did not stop the excitement of the heirs.

Instead, he observed the subtle expressions on the heirs’ faces, as if he was judging whether the heirs were loyal or treacherous, whether they were following the general trend, or whether they really had their own opinions and strategies.

After he sifted through the heirs, he waved his hand and said, “The problem you mentioned is not only the problem of the Shen family and Universe Corporation but also the problem that the nine big families and nine big enterprises have to face.

“There’s no reason for the Shen family to shoulder the responsibility for this matter.

“Don’t worry. I’ll discuss it with the other eight families, including that old fart, Lu Zhongqi. We’ll advance and retreat together and come up with a solution together.

“Fortunately, those old men who made great contributions to Dragon City in the past and entered the Deity Realm are not all dead yet. Their words still carry some weight in Dragon City.

“Dragon City has been protected and built by us all the way until today. We will never allow anyone to lead Dragon City on the wrong track and lead it to the end of the world!

“We welcome all new blood to join us. However, we still say the same thing. If you want to play, you can play according to the rules of the game. We absolutely welcome you and are willing to protect the new players. However, if you break the rules of the game and completely flip the table, heh, you won’t be a player but an enemy. You will be the enemy of the entire Dragon City civilization, just like zombies and monsters!”

Saying this, Shen Yuanbao’s eyes, imperceptibly moved to Meng Chao.

Meng Chao’s face was calm as they were eye to eye.

No matter how much energy there was in Shen Yuanbao’s eyes, Meng Chao was still like a bottomless ocean, not affected by the slightest bit.

In the end, Shen Yuanbao hummed softly and cast his eyes back on his successors.

“Yufeng, come out.”

Shen Yuanbao’s brows were tightly knitted, and dark clouds covered his face.

A slightly plump middle-aged woman, who still retained her charm and aura of n.o.bility, came out.


Meng Chao knew that her name was Shen Yufeng. She was Shen Yuanbao’s eldest biological daughter, Universe Corporation’s Director of Staff. She was also in charge of the a.s.sessment, rewards, punishment, and education of the Shen family’s children. One could say that she had a high position and power, just like Shen Chenglie, who was in charge of the Blood Flower laboratory, and Shen Yuhe, who was in charge of the pharmaceutical system. She was one of the successors that Shen Yuanbao valued the most.

“Yufeng, you disappoint me!”

Perhaps it was because the previous two successors had been entangled with each other for too long that Shen Yuanbao’s extremely limited patience had been completely exhausted.

As soon as his eldest daughter stepped out, he immediately said, “I left Universe Corporation’s personnel work as well as the rewards, punishments, evaluations, and education of the Shen family’s children to you. I originally thought that as the eldest sister, you would be able to nurture the younger ones into talents and work together to fight for the Shen family, Universe Corporation, and the Dragon City civilization.

“In the end, look at the current Shen family’s children. One or two of them, what have they become?

“I was still recuperating in the depths of Raging Waves Mountain Range when I saw on the Internet that a large number of Shen family members were indulging in extravagance and even committing crimes for the sake of wealth.

“Someone used a priceless gene reagent to take a bath, and after the bath, he flushed the gene reagent into the sewers. Just that alone was enough. This motherf*cker actually dared to take photos to show off!

“Someone drove a luxury sports car decorated with the bones of h.e.l.lbeasts and even apocalyptic beasts in the middle of the night, calling friends and swaggering through the market. They chased each other, creating a deafening roar. They even shot a video and posted it on the Internet. They were afraid that others would not know that our Shen family had so many top-grade monster materials!

“There are also people who have fun every night, hugging each other on the left and right. Whether they’re happy or not, of course, there’s no problem. Our Shen family’s genes are so outstanding. Of course, we should find a few more members of the opposite s.e.x to spread out and strengthen our family. Only then can we add a new force to Dragon City in the future.

“But if you want to find a woman, then find a woman. What’s the need for that? Why did you take so many unsightly selfies and even post them on the F * cking internet? “Don’t you know how many ordinary people in the current Dragon City can’t find a wife? And how twisted, dark, and deformed are the mentality of these people?

“Back in that era when order was broken and there was no law and order, I understood one thing — the most terrifying creatures in this world are neither zombies nor monsters, but men who can’t find a woman!

“These people who are full of envy and jealousy saw the photos of the Shen family hugging each other, and they became extremely angry with us. The b*stard who did this really thinks that the Shen family’s reputation is too good. Universe Corporation’s business reputation is too high, and the ordinary citizens are too supportive of us, right?

“It’s precisely because of such unfilial descendants that the Shen family and Universe Corporation were so heavily infiltrated by others. That’s why when the Xinhui Business Center incident broke out, so many unfavorable news suddenly appeared on the Internet.

“Of course, you must say that it was all caused by the Azure Alliance.

“However, ‘flies don’t bite seamless eggs’. If the Shen family’s descendants were all cautious and kept a low profile, the Azure Alliance wouldn’t be able to catch us so easily even if they wanted to!

“In this regard, I’m going to mention Lu Siya again. Whether or not she’s really ambitious, at least her public image can not be any more positive. For so many years, there has never been any scandal. She even used her relations.h.i.+p with Meng Chao to create the image of ‘no one is going to marry you until death do us part’. From then on, she took over the huge legacy left by Meng Chao. Now, she even calls herself ‘Dragon City’s daughter’. Listen, listen. Just based on this situation, you can count each other as one. Who can compete with her?

“Lu Zhongqi, that old fart, is really lucky to have raised such a good granddaughter.

“I’ve been fighting with him all my life. I’m not satisfied with anything else except this.

“I don’t beg you all to have the pattern and ability of Lu Siya. I only beg you to stop being arrogant and bullying others. You should also stop posting those messy photos and videos on the Internet, so as to attract hatred and burn yourself, okay?

“Humph. Now that I think about it, it’s my own fault.

“All these years, I’ve been focusing on the development of the Shen family and Universe Corporation, but I neglected the strict discipline of my family and raised a bunch of useless people and demons by myself!

“As the saying goes, ‘knowing the smallest details.’ It is not surprising to see the ugly things that the Shen family has done on the internet. Why is it that the time and route of my departure from the recuperation place are known to everyone? Also, the people around me, the people I trust the most, are being used by others and are harming me instead

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