Chapter 1588: Flirtation

That sentence was a little too harsh.

It connected the education issue of the Shen family children to the shocking of Shen Yuanbao.

It almost announced that Shen Yufeng would be eliminated early in the battle for the position of the next Shen family head.

Shen Yufeng’s face instantly turned deathly pale.

Her entire temperament had changed from graceful to fl.u.s.tered and malicious.

However, she was used to big storms.

In any organization, those in charge of managing rewards, punishments, evaluations, promotions, and denunciations were the most resourceful and talented people.

It only took Shen Yufeng half a second to recover her poise.

She first admitted her mistake in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

Just like Shen Yuhe, she was willing to take responsibility for her mistake.

Shen Yufeng said that since the end of the Monster War a year ago, the entire Shen family, like the other superhumans in Dragon City, had relaxed their nerves, which had been so tense that they were on the verge of breaking, after decades of bloodshed.

They were so impetuous that they lost their discipline and even caused a series of chaos because of post-traumatic stress.

It was true that she, as the eldest sister, did not fulfill her management responsibilities and lead by example.

All the mistakes were her fault.

However, no matter how her father punished her, she did not care. However, even at the risk of provoking her father’s even more intense anger, she still had to speak up for her younger brother, sister, and even the third generation of the Shen family.

Of course, following the victory of the Beast War, many members of the Shen family became proud and arrogant. They began to show off their might and even act recklessly.


However, other than a few black sheep, most of the members of the Shen family were putting on a show and could not help themselves.

The crux of the matter was that everyone was in the same circle.

Among the nine great cultivation families, there were so many descendants of G.o.dly state experts and peak heaven state experts. which one of them was not ostentatious? Which one was not arrogant and despotic? Which one was not extravagant and extremely l.u.s.tful? In the words of the circle, this was called “doing as one pleases and having a clear mind”!

After all, humans were social animals.

As the descendants of the aristocratic families, the third generation of the Shen family was naturally duty-bound. They had the obligation to build a good relations.h.i.+p with the aristocratic families of the other eight great cultivation families.

Everyone was the future, and they had to support and defend the entire Dragon City.

Many times, orders worth hundreds of millions of Yuan, which were related to a certain decision of the future of Dragon City, were casually decided at the wine table while they were chatting and laughing with each other.

If the descendants of the other eight great families were all “Free to do as they please and have a clear mind”, then the other eight great families would not be able to make such a decision.

Only the descendants of the Shen family were fis.h.i.+ng for fame and acting alone, pretending to be low-key and not understanding the principle of “Living in the same light as the dust”.

Wouldn’t they be standing on the opposite side of the other eight great families, or even slapping the other eight great families hard?

If they were so incompatible, how could the future Shen family and Universe Corporation continue to be one of the “nine great families”?

Also, Universe Corporation had made a fortune through the crystal mining industry.

Many of their partners were, frankly speaking, a bunch of nouveau riche and country b.u.mpkins.

It did not make sense to talk about low-profile, content, and elegance to these people.

To these country b.u.mpkins, one had to talk about strength. One had to use the simplest and most straightforward method to display the strength of the Shen family and Universe Corporation in front of them.

They had to go to the most luxurious clubhouse, eat the flesh of the rarest Apocalyptic Beasts, sleep with the most flirtatious mouth, and drive the most luxurious sports car.

Not only did they have to be shocked, they had to be afraid. Only then could they be convinced and obediently cooperate with Universe Corporation, not daring to have any other thoughts.


Shen Yufeng paused for a moment, pretending to hesitate, and still continued the second half of her sentence, “Ever since father was in the depths of the hidden fog absolute domain, during the decisive battle with the monster mainframe, he was heavily injured and unconscious. He had to go into seclusion to recuperate. All kinds of rumors and slanders about the Shen family and Universe Corporation have never stopped.

“Many people said that father might not be able to survive this. The Shen family and Universe Corporation are about to lose the support of the few peak fighting forces in Dragon City and become second-rate forces. They might even be pushed out of the ‘nine great forces’.

“If at this juncture, the Shen family’s disciples are all acting out of character and acting cowardly.

“Others will not think that we are diligent, thrifty, approachable, and low-key.

“They will only think that father, this towering tree, is about to fall. The Shen family and Universe Corporation are about to lose their greatest reliance.

“I remember that Father has taught us more than once that confidence is more precious than gold.

“Once everyone loses confidence in the Shen family, don’t look at how glorious Universe Corporation is today. It’s one of the top five behemoths in dragon city in terms of overall strength. It’s only a matter of time before it falls apart.

“Therefore, the more father goes into seclusion to recuperate, the more the outside world has different opinions about Universe Corporation’s future. They are so worried that they are even waiting for a good show. Only then will the Shen family’s disciples put up a show. The more high-profile, the more flamboyant, the better.

“I would rather others be jealous of us in the dark. I’m so jealous that I’m gnas.h.i.+ng my teeth and my eyes are bleeding.

“I don’t want others to laugh at us in the dark. They would laugh at the fact that the Shen family has already fallen into despair. We can be eaten by a group of hungry wild dogs anytime, Anywhere!”

Even Meng Chao could not find anything wrong with Shen Yufeng’s reasoning.

Shen Yuanbao also frowned. Apparently, he was deeply attracted by his eldest daughter’s words, “With the fall of their peak combat power, the buildings of the Shen family and Universe Corporation could fall apart at any time.”.

At this moment, only he and Meng Chao knew.

His injuries were far more serious than they appeared.

Even if he could escape death’s search for him temporarily,.

It was impossible, or perhaps never, for him to display his peak combat power.

Shen Yuanbao stared at Shen Yufeng.

His gaze, which was as sharp as a scalpel a moment ago, became a little gentler.

Shen Yufeng heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

She changed the topic and changed to a more intimate t.i.tle. She continued, “However, father, after my investigation, there is something very strange.

“That’s right. There are indeed people from the Shen family who gather together with other wealthy families and enjoy things that ordinary people can not touch.

“However, even if they take photos as a memento, they can only communicate with people of the same path in a small circle.

“They would never be so stupid as to post it in public.

“If there really was an unfilial descendant who was so arrogant, I wouldn’t even need to do anything. His parents would have broken his legs and knocked out his teeth long ago.

“So, who was it that separated the top-secret information that was originally only circulated in a small circle and sorted it out before packaging it and posting it on the public network?”

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