Chapter 1589: Reasons for Betrayal

Shen Yufeng’s questioning set off waves of discussion.

Indeed, everyone was smart. Ever since the Xinhui Business Center incident broke out, a lot of unfavorable news about the Shen family had appeared on the Internet within twelve hours.

Most of the news was about how the Shen family’s disciples were extravagant, arrogant, and even had their own pockets full.

These scandals were not just rumors that did not exist.

Instead, there were a large number of photos, videos, and even copies of key information to prove it. Regardless of whether it was public credibility or sedition, they were all legitimate.

It was like a sword had been stabbed through one’s throat, and one would never be able to turn the situation around.

Even the Shen family and Universe Corporation had been affected, with their establishments suffering damage.

The scandal had just spread, and many members of the Shen family were already discussing it. It was definitely not easy for outsiders to obtain that much evidence from the Shen family.

There must be a mole.

Now, based on Shen Yufeng’s words, she had already discovered who the mole was?

s.h.i.+ng! s.h.i.+ng! s.h.i.+ng!

For a moment, numerous gazes were cast on Shen Yufeng’s face. They were cold, scorching, sharp, and deep.

They realized that what Shen Yufeng was going to say next would likely change the power struggle in the Shen family.

Whether it was the “foster children faction” or the “blood descendants faction,” all of them tightened their muscles, held their breath, and clenched their fists.

It was as if those in front of them were not brothers and sisters who were supposed to be on the same page but monsters with ulterior motives.

“Who is it?”


Shen Yuanbao narrowed his eyes. “Yufeng, do you know who took the initiative to expose the Shen family’s internal scandals to the outside world?”

“Maybe not all of them. I will only give you one name.

“Shen Lixin!” Shen Yufeng said out loud.

Shen Yuanbao was slightly startled.

He had too many children.

They were as numerous as the hairs on an ox.

In addition, he usually tempered his muscles and bones, forged his flesh and blood, and spent twenty-four hours a day. At least twelve hours were used for cultivation and combat. The remaining twelve hours were used to deal with the complicated affairs of his family and Company.

How could he have the time to enjoy his family like an ordinary person?

Other than a few extremely talented people, Shen Yuanbao’s impression of most of his grandchildren was very vague.

After recalling for a long time, he finally connected the name ‘Shen Lixin’ to a tall, thin young man with sunken cheeks and a slightly pale face who looked like he was fuming all day long.

There was nothing he could do. Shen Lixin was only an ordinary person among Shen Yuanbao’s countless grandchildren.

Even his father, “Shen Chengxiu,” was only Shen Yuanbao’s foster son.

He was not considered outstanding among his foster sons.

Shen Yuanbao remembered that he had not summoned Shen Chengxiu for a long time.

Even Shen Chengxiu was not qualified to attend this important meeting that was likely to decide the future of the Shen family.

Therefore, Shen Yuanbao did not understand. “Shen Lixin… why did he expose the internal scandal of the Shen family to the outside world?”

“On the surface, the reason is that he and his fifth brother’s eldest son, Shen Wanjun, are fighting for a key position in the investment department of Universe Corporation. He is far from Wanjun in all aspects, whether it is in terms of his personal ability, cultivation realm, or external resources.

“In order to get such an important position, Shen lixin took the risk and exposed a scandal related to Wanjun, which ruined Wanjun’s reputation.

“As for the other people involved in the scandal, Shen Lixin just didn’t want to make it too obvious. As a result, the investigation was traced back to him. That was why more and more Shen family members were dragged into the scandal to confuse the public.

“In other words, Shen Lixin didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his family’s interests for his own future. He took the initiative to deliver the evidence to our biggest compet.i.tor!”

The ‘fifth brother’ that Shen Yufeng mentioned was naturally her biological brother.

As soon as she said this, both the ‘foster son Camp’and the ‘blood descendants camp’ were like a swarm of bees that had been provoked. They were all humming loudly.

The capable officers of the ‘foster son Camp’all slapped the table and stood up, reprimanding Shen Yufeng for slander.

The ‘Blood Descendant Camp’was heartbroken. Indeed, blood ties were the most unbreakable relations.h.i.+p. Without blood ties, no matter how loyal they appeared to be on the surface, it was impossible to know a person’s face without knowing their heart.


Shen Yuanbao was not in the mood to watch the performance of these successors. He hit the nail on the head, “Yufeng, you said that the ‘ostensible’ reason was that Shen Lixin sold out his family in order to fight for a key position in the investment division and defeat his compet.i.tors.

“So, there is a ‘practical’reason?”

“There is, indeed.”

Shen Yufeng said calmly, “Shen Lixin is just a minor character. He has never played with his blood-related brothers, such as Shen Wanjun. How could he possibly get such detailed and true information?

“Based on the evidence that I have, I can make a bold guess that Shen Lixin is just a marionette. Everything that he has done was ordered by his father, Shen Chengxiu!”


Shen Yuanbao shook the armrest of his chair so hard that cracking sounds could be heard.

The heirs all took a deep breath at the same time, regardless of their camps.

The betrayal of a G.o.dgrandson who wasn’t related by blood and a G.o.dson—even if it was a G.o.dson who was ranked at the bottom, the severity of the betrayal couldn’t be compared.

The latter meant that the Shen family, as one of the nine great cultivation families, could have fatal problems in the entire system.


Shen Yuanbao muttered, “I remember that I saved him from the monster’s b.l.o.o.d.y mouth with my own hands. I asked myself, although he didn’t put in all his effort, he was not mean at all. What reason did he have to betray me?”

“Benefits, benefits are enough to make anyone betray anyone.”

Shen Yufeng explained, “Shen Chengxiu didn’t work for Universe Corporation. He was in charge of the research and development of the strengthened exoskeleton in an independent research and Development Department of the subsidiary company of the group.

“However, in the entire Universe Corporation, the research and development department of strengthened exoskeletons is not just Shen Chengxiu’s department. There are three or four other projects that are pus.h.i.+ng forward similar projects.

“This is also according to Father’s instructions. First, internal compet.i.tion, the best of the best, and then a large amount of resources will be concentrated in the best projects and put into the market. Only then can one be invincible.

“Shen Chengxiu once studied mechanical engineering at Dragon City University. To be honest, he really has a bit of a genius in design and manufacturing. The new generation of strengthened exoskeleton that he designed does indeed have a lot of unique features. In the first few rounds of compet.i.tion, he did not meet any overly powerful opponents.

“Perhaps, it is precisely because of this that he is arrogant, overconfident, and believes that he is sure to win.

“So much so that when the new generation of enhanced exoskeleton design proposal that he had single-handedly led was rejected in the final internal review, his state of mind was out of balance and he simply could not accept this cruel result!”

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