Chapter 1590: Eating It Inside Out

This internal compet.i.tion mechanism that Universe Corporation had was called “horse racing,” but in reality, it was very cruel, especially on the popular race track that seemed to lead to a bright future.

First, they would create seven or eight, or even ten project teams within the group and explore in different directions. Then, they would filter out eight or nine out of ten of them. The winner would have boundless glory, and the loser would leave the stage dejectedly. Those were all normal things.

Most of the people present had experienced a project being rejected before. They could only watch as their compet.i.tors received plenty of resources and soared to the sky.

It was not that they could not understand how Shen Chengxiu felt after being vetoed by a single vote.

However, the rejection of a project was not a strong reason for him to betray Universe Corporation and his family’s interests!

“Just because of that?”

Shen Yuanbao was also unable to accept it. “Chengxiu Society betrayed the Shen family because of a failure in a project?”

“Of course it’s not that simple.”

Shen Yufeng changed the topic and said, “I don’t know if you have studied the list of strategic partners of Broken Star Club. If you have, you will find that Broken Star Club signed a long-term supply agreement with a company called Shenxiu machinery more than half a year ago. Shenxiu Machinery became the supplier of artificial limbs designated by Broken Star Club.

“As we all know, the Broken Star Club has attracted most of the broken-star superhumans in Dragon City. Many of the broken-star superhumans have lost part of their limbs, so there is a great demand for artificial limbs.

“And what brand of artificial limbs will the broken-star superhumans use? It will have a great impact on ordinary disabled people.

“The Monster War has been going on for decades, and there are more than a million disabled people in Dragon City?

“With the development of spirit mechanical technology, the cost of artificial limbs has been decreasing. Almost all the disabled people are no longer satisfied with ordinary artificial limbs that they can not move freely. Even if they need a loan, they would like to buy a lightweight, st.u.r.dy, beautiful, multi-functional artificial limb that the limits of their limbs and has a strong combat ability.

“Therefore, I can fully imagine how much value the supply agreement signed by Shenxiu Machinery and Broken Star Club holds.

“It is indeed the case.

“Ever since they became the strategic partners of Broken Star Club, Shenxiu Machinery, a little-known brand, has risen to prominence in the field of artificial limbs. In less than half a year, their brand strength has reached the top three in the same industry. It has even surpa.s.sed the brands under Universe Corporation that we have been painstakingly running for many years.


“Right now, they are not only the first choice for many ordinary citizens and broken-star superhumans when they are choosing the artificial limbs.

“It is said that, with the help of Broken Star Club, they will also become one of the contractors of the Red Dragon Army. They will tailor-make powerful artificial limbs for the disabled veterans of the army who have been through hundreds of battles.

“Up until now, the Shenxiu Machinery has already possessed unfathomable strength before it is even on the market.

“Once the Shenxiu Machinery is ready to speed up and extend an olive branch to the financial market, I really don’t know what kind of terrifying existence it will evolve into!

“However, do you know who the real boss of Shenxiu Machinery is?”

The successors were slightly stunned.

A few successors who were involved in the field of machinery manufacturing and medical treatment immediately reported the names of the corporate representatives and major shareholders of Shenxiu Machinery.

There were a few members of Broken Star Club, a few veterans of the Red Dragon Army, and two members of Battle G.o.d Palace who had been following Lei Zongchao, the Battle G.o.d.

They sounded ordinary.

They fit the position of the strategic partners of Broken Star Club.

Shen Yufeng smiled and shook her head.

“These people are just a smokescreen in front of the stage.”

Shen Yufeng said, “Just to be clear, if you purchase Shenxiu Machinery’s main product, the ‘seven-series multifunctional mechanical arm of the Dragon Clan’, disa.s.semble it into parts, and then restore the complete design, you will be surprised to find that its design philosophy, the logic of the layout of the spiritual circuit, and the patents involved are all very similar to the design of the strengthened exoskeleton that Shen Chengxiu rejected.

“No, it’s not ‘very similar’. It’s just like a withdrawal!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard that.

“Although the artificial limbs and the strengthened exoskeleton are two different products, they are both extensions of the limbs that can make up for and greatly enhance the movement of the human body. Many manufacturers of machinery will launch the complementary product lines of the artificial limbs and the strengthened exoskeleton at the same time. Many parts are also common to both product lines.”

Shen Yufeng said, “In order to cover up and bypa.s.s Universe Corporation’s patent, Shen Chengxiu made a lot of modifications to the design of the Dragon Clan’s seven series multifunctional mechanical arm. He also made a lot of side-steps and replaced some parts. However, everything is the same. As long as you are a qualified mechanic, you can tell the origin of the two different products at a glance.

“Therefore, I can guarantee that Shen Chengxiu is definitely the main designer of Shenxiu Machinery. The Dragon Clan’s 7-series multi-functional mechanical arm is his work. It is the work that he created by using Universe Corporation’s intellectual property and research equipment!

“The question is, with Shen Chengxiu’s ident.i.ty and status, how many bargaining chips does Shenxiu machinery have to offer in order to tempt him to steal Universe Corporation’s intellectual property and design the main product for Shenxiu machinery at the risk of public condemnation? Moreover, the main customer is Broken Star Club?

“I’m afraid that no matter how high the price is, it won’t be enough to make Shen Chengxiu lose his mind to the extent of betraying the Shen family and Universe Corporation, right?

“Then, there is only one answer.

“Shenxiu machinery did not spend a single cent.

“Because the big boss behind Shenxiu Machinery is Shen Chengxiu himself!

“Shen Chengxiu has stayed in Universe Corporation for so many years. Most of the projects he has hosted were eliminated in the internal compet.i.tion. Even if he was lucky enough to succeed, they were marginal products that did not cause too much trouble in the market or bring too many benefits to him personally.

“However, this time, he betrayed Universe Corporation and took a risk. He secretly set up a company outside and cooperated with Broken Star Club. However, he earned an astronomical profit. He was no longer restricted by Universe Corporation, and he did not even have to look at his father’s face anymore.

“Father, do you think that such a motive is enough for Shen Chengxiu to betray you?”

Shen Yufeng’s words were like killing someone’s heart.

Naturally, it triggered the dissatisfaction of the “adopted children.”

“Everyone, don’t be so indignant yet. I dare to make such a conclusion. Of course, I have irrefutable evidence.”

Shen Yufeng replied calmly, “Other than the source of the funds of Shenxiu machinery and the connection between them and Shen Chengxiu’s secret bank account, I also have visual evidence that proves that Shen Chengxiu has met Lu Siya many times with the shareholders of Shenxiu Machinery!”

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