Chapter 1591: A Dog That Can’t Be Trained Well

As soon as she said this, there was another round of gasps.

Everyone knew that Lu Siya was not only the CEO of Superstar Company but also the Vanguard General of the Azure Alliance.

This underground black market riot could instantly turn into a storm that swept the entire city. It was all because of Lu Siya.

Before she officially took over Superstar Company, Lu Siya had already completely shed all pretenses with the Lu family and Sky Pillar Corporation. She openly stood on the opposite side of the nine mefa corporations.

Shen Chengxiu, with the shareholders of Shenxiu Machinery, had met with a dangerous person like Lu Siya in private. His stance was clear as day.

“Now, everyone understands why the Azure Alliance was able to obtain such detailed information and pin down the scandal of our Shen family, right?”

Shen Yufeng sneered and said, “Broken Star Club is a big customer of Shenxiu Machinery. Shen Chengxiu’s life and wealth are all on the shoulders of the broken-star superhumans. At the same time, Broken Star Club is one of the pillars of the Azure Alliance.

“For the sake of this market, which is worth billions of dollars, Lu Siya doesn’t need to resort to any means at all. As long as she gives a hint, Shen Chengxiu will be able to say anything he wants to say!

“In fact, Shen Chengxiu’s despicable act of being a traitor is not an exception.

“As Dragon City continues to advance, especially when the Monster War has reached the middle and late stages, the nine mega corporations and the nine n.o.ble families of cultivation have really risked their last drop of blood in order to resist the ferocious monsters.

“Countless ordinary superhumans, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, quietly developed under our protection. When we fought against the monsters and suffered heavy losses, they stole the market that originally belonged to us.

“The nine n.o.ble families of cultivation took the future of human civilization as their responsibility. They didn’t care about the gains and losses in the beginning.

“However, the ordinary extraordinary individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises always felt that we blocked their sunlight, blocked their path, and occupied the cultivation resources that should have belonged to them!

“This is called ‘the tiger will eat the human heart’!

“Therefore, as you can see, in the past few years, organizations and enterprises such as Broken StarClub, Blue Home, Battle G.o.d Palace, and Superstar Company have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. They colluded with each other and formed the Azure Alliance. In essence, it was these guys who gathered together and took advantage of their numbers to steal food from the nine mega corporations!

“I have to admit that under our repeated concessions, these guys have developed very quickly.


“Within the Azure Alliance, there is even a saying ‘designated supplier’. Companies related to the Azure Alliance will only take goods from designated suppliers. No matter what industry they enter, unless necessary, the entire industry chain is their own people.

“What is this? This is clearly a trade barrier against the nine super companies!

“Affected by this, the business of the nine super companies is becoming more and more difficult. There are more and more restrictions in all aspects. From ordinary citizens to the survival committee, there are more and more people who think that the nine super companies are the overlords, not the Saviors but the cancer.

“Under such circ.u.mstances, the hearts of the nine super companies are wavering. Many of the losers in the internal compet.i.tion have colluded with the people of the Azure Alliance for the sake of small profits. In exchange for the right to become the designated supplier of the Azure Alliance, they have received a lot of valuable orders.

“There are countless insects that lurk in the nine cultivation aristocratic families. Shen Chengxiu is just one of them.

“The situation is far worse than you can imagine. There are at least five people in the Shen family that I have found traces of.

“Originally, I thought that we were all brothers and sisters. In the past few decades, we have been fighting side by side. Therefore, I should give them a chance to wake up and realize their mistakes.

“I didn’t expect that these worms would be so greedy to such a crazy extent. Seeing that their crimes were about to be exposed, they actually took the risk to Father!

“Don’t they know that the Shen family and Universe Corporation are able to get to where they are today because of Father’s support? If Father were to meet with misfortune, both the Shen family and Universe Corporation could fall apart overnight?

“No, they know very well. Perhaps this is their real goal!

“For us, the true descendants of the Shen family who are connected by blood, the collapse of the Shen family and Universe Corporation is, of course, bad news.

“But for these people who joined halfway, who are full of wings and unruly, who have already found a way out in private, and who have been in cahoots with the Azure Alliance in private, the collapse of the Shen family and Universe Corporation is a great thing. They are like hungry vultures who have long been impatient to eat the bodies of Universe Corporation. They want to use the flesh and blood of the real members of the Shen family to make themselves fat and strong so that they can go out and establish their own family and expand their ambitions!”

These words were all linked together, and every step was filled with killing intent.

First, they nailed Shen Chengxiu’s ident.i.ty as the big boss behind Shenxiu Machinery.

Then, they defined “privately registering a company and cooperating with Broken Star Club” as “Blinded by greed, betraying the family, betraying the interests of the company.”

Finally, they logically linked a business crime to the vicious incident of “ Shen Yuanbao.”

Even if Shen Yuanbao wasn’t old enough to only listen to one side of the story.

He would probably have a lot of doubts about the entire foster son camp.

Before Shen Yufeng finished her sentence, the successors of the blood descendants camp jumped out as if they had received the support of a bomb:

“No wonder the Azure Alliance was able to rise miraculously in just a year and become the Colossus they are today. It turns out that there are so many parasites that are trying to take advantage of others!”

“Back then, if it wasn’t for my father risking his life to save these parasites and taking them in as his adopted sons, pouring countless efforts and resources into them, their bones would have been able to beat the drum. How could they have become what they are today? In the end, not only did these parasites not understand the principle of grat.i.tude, they even took advantage of my father’s trust in them and stabbed the hearts of the Shen family and Universe Corporation with a fatal stab!”

“It was all because of Father’s bravery in the decisive battle against the monster mastermind that he was heavily injured. These ungrateful b*stards thought that the building was going to collapse and that the s.h.i.+p of the Shen family was going to sink! “They were all rats and fleas. Of course, they had to jump off the s.h.i.+p and escape ahead of Time

“Therefore, the old saying, ‘fight the tiger brothers, fight the father and son soldiers’ can never be wrong from Earth to the Other World!”

“Bah, what a bunch of untrained dogs!”

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