Chapter 1593: Law-Abiding Fanatic

“Shen Chengyi, what do you mean by this?”

Immediately, a successor of the “blood descendant faction” stood up and glared at Shen Chengyi. “Do you still have any awareness as a member of the Shen family? What exactly is going on with your right arm?”

Shen Chengyi glanced at this fellow and simply raised his right arm, which shone with a metallic l.u.s.ter, high up.

“Don’t misunderstand. This is not the ‘Dragon Series 7 Series multi-functional mechanical arm’ produced by Shenxiu Machinery.”

Shen Chengyi smiled and paused for a moment before he changed the subject. “It’s the upgraded version of the ‘Dragon Series 9 super-powered mechanical arm, High-Power Collector’s Edition.’ It’s a limited edition version that is not available on the market. It’s very hard to get!

“This artificial limb is not only based on the ‘Dragon Series 7.’ It is also made of brand-new materials and structures. It is made of a variety of top-quality materials including purple agate, bluestone, Starlight Copper, and Blood Dragon Steel. Thirty-three artificial joints are embedded in it. All of them are equipped with microcomputers and motors. It doesn’t even require the conscious control of the wearer. As long as the wearer releases extremely weak neural currents with a thought, the artificial limb will be able to operate automatically and perform a series of exquisite operations for its owner.

“Also, its maximum output power has been increased by another 150% on the basis of the ‘7-Series.’ It can move more than a hundred tons of objects with its bare hands and blow up the front armor of a battle tank or the skull of the toughest h.e.l.l Beast easily. Its endurance is even more unbelievable. As long as it is filled with solid crystal fuel, it will be able to fight for three days and three nights in the depths of the wilderness!

“Last but not least, there are more than ninety microtubes that are less than a millimeter in diameter embedded inside the artificial limb. They are arranged according to the principles of bionics to simulate the existence of spirit meridians, allowing the wearer’s vitality magnetic field to pa.s.s through the artificial limb like a tide. That allows the two to merge perfectly.

“Most of the time, I don’t feel like I’m wearing a prosthetic limb. Instead, it feels like the arm that I lost in the b.l.o.o.d.y battle for Universe Corporation all those years ago has returned to my shoulder. I would never believe such a feeling if I didn’t wear it personally!”

Having said that, Shen Chengyi turned his head and looked at the many heirs of the “adopted children faction.”

The so-called G.o.dchildren were nothing more than a bunch of thugs that Shen Yuanbao had won over with the affection between father and son.

In order to gain a firm foothold in the Shen family and Universe Corporation, they had to keep their heads on their belts at all times and engage in the most dangerous fierce battle.

Naturally, many people were like Shen Chengyi, leaving behind a large number of scars and deformities on their bodies. They had even lost their limbs.

Right now, they were all wearing the artificial limbs that were produced by Universe Corporation.

“Universe Corporation’s products are not good at all.”

Shen Chengyi shook his head in disdain. “If you don’t believe me, you can come out and compete with me. We will use the simplest and most brutal method to arm wrestle.


“Believe me, this Dragon Series 9 will definitely break all the artificial limbs produced by Universe Corporation!”

Such an arrogant declaration further infuriated the successors.

Many successors of the “blood descendants faction” were already sharpening their blades, ready to rush forward and teach Shen Chengyi a lesson.

However, Shen Chengyi, the former Commando Captain, had always been known for his bravery and fearlessness within the family.

The combat experience acc.u.mulated through years of fighting was not something that the experts of the blood descendants camp could compare with. The combat ability that they had acc.u.mulated through ma.s.sive amounts of resources could be compared.

If they could take down this maniac Shen Chengyi cleanly in front of the old man, they would definitely gain a lot of points.

However, if they were careless, they would be taken down by Shen Chengyi instead.

That would be a social death. They would never be able to sit on the throne of power again.

On the side of the G.o.dson camp.

Of course, everyone was shocked by Shen Chengyi’s arrogance.

They felt that he had dragged the entire G.o.dchildren group into the water without informing them beforehand. This was not a proper thing to do.

However, there were also many disabled people who were missing limbs. They secretly and carefully sized Shen Chengyi and Dragon Series 9 up.

There was nothing they could do. The honor of the family and the image of the company were important.

However, combat ability was the foundation for superhumans to settle down and survive.

If Dragon Series 9 was really better than Universe Corporation’s products, it could increase their combat ability by 10%. No, even if it was only 5%.

On the ever-changing and dangerous battlefield, it was enough to decide life and death.

No matter how important the face of the Shen family was.

Could it be more important than his own life?

After reading the messages in the eyes of these people, Shen Chengyi’s smile became even more intense.

With a low roar, his eyes were wide open, and spiritual energy was bursting out in his body. Colorful streams of light immediately surrounded Dragon Series 9 that was raised high and extended all the way from his shoulder blades to his fingertips.

In an instant, the entire metal arm was glittering and translucent.

The burning flames of spiritual energy roared out of his fingertip and turned into energy weapons that could cut iron as if it were mud. It was almost enough to cut the main tank and the ferocious beasts of h.e.l.l in half.

Many of the successors who shared the same fate as Shen Chengyi were staring at it in a daze.

They had already made up their minds that, no matter how things ended today, they would find a way to get Dragon Series 9 later.

At most, he would not use it in public. He would wait until he was in a desolate area, carrying out a life-threatening dangerous mission, and then secretly take it out to replace it.

Shen Chengyi could see through their thoughts.

He smiled and said, “Everyone, don’t be jealous. We are all brothers. What’s mine is yours.

“If you also think that this artificial limb design is not bad and want to keep one, we can talk about it in private after the meeting is over!”

Many of the inheritors who had lost their limbs were naturally embarra.s.sed by his words.

However, the interest in the depths of their eyes could not be quenched no matter what.


Shen Yufeng realized that if she let this lunatic continue to pester her, today’s meeting would probably turn into a farce.

She stood up and said with a frosty face, “Shen Chengyi, are you admitting that this artificial limb was designed by your brother Shen Chengxiu and that he is the big boss of Shenxiu Machinery?”

“Big Sister, you can’t accuse a good person like this!”

Shen Chengyi was full of smiles. He raised the end of the artificial limb’s pinky finger, dug out his ears and eyes, and said calmly, “Recently, the situation in Dragon City has changed. My brother and I have been busy and haven’t seen each other for a long time. I asked a friend to buy a top-grade artificial limb. What does it have to do with my brother?

“If you really think that my brother has done something that violates business ethics and compet.i.tion agreements, or even involves business crimes, you can call the police and sue him. I believe that the law will definitely give my brother, you, and everyone a fair deal.

“However, even if it is a business crime, there is no reason for the nine families to be implicated and not involve me, right?

“Or is it that the Shen family has been so overbearing that wearing a mechanical artificial limb that is not produced by Universe Corporation on their territory is a heinous crime? Are you going to bypa.s.s the law enforcement department and use lynching to enforce the family law?”

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