Chapter 1594: Don’t Expose Your Family’s Dirty Laundry

Even though everyone could tell that Shen Chengyi had come with ill intentions, those earth-shattering arrogant words still proved too much for everyone.

It was not just a power struggle between the “adopted children faction” and the “blood descendant faction.”

It was more like Shen Chengyi had completely shed all pretense of cordiality and broke off with the entire Shen family!

This time, it was not only Shen Chenglie, Shen Yufeng, Shen Yuhe, and the others who were dumbfounded.

Even the veins on Shen Yuanbao’s temples were protruding.

It was as if three or five furious flood dragons were about to shoot out from the depths of his brain.

Meng Chao heard the faint sound of waves cras.h.i.+ng against the sh.o.r.e from inside Shen Yuanbao’s body.

It was the roar of his blood and spirit energy converging.

Shen Yuanbao’s fury was surging at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It almost burned a hole in the splendid dome of the grand meeting hall that was as majestic as a palace.

After the spirit flames shook the dome until it hummed, they poured down on Shen Chengyi like magma falling from the sky.

However, Shen Chengyi was also a ferocious man who had weaved in and out of mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

Even when faced with the roars of Apocalyptic Beasts, he would not take half a step back.

Since he dared to shed all pretenses with the Shen family, Shen Yuanbao’s boundless anger was meaningless to him.

“I don’t know if my brother has done anything to let the Shen family down. However, there is one thing that I am very curious about.”


Faced with public criticism, Shen Chengyi still had the expression of a rolling knife as he casually said, “Hypothetically… Listen carefully. I’m talking about hypothetically here. The artificial limbs produced by Shenxiu Machinery are really similar to the strengthened exoskeleton designed by my brother for Universe Corporation. Some of the design details are surprisingly coincidental.

“Then, the strengthened exoskeleton designed by my brother must also be a product with excellent performance.

“After all, the artificial limb of Shenxiu has been verified by the market. If it was not of impeccable quality, it would not have been the first choice of the hundreds of thousands of broken stars in Dragon City. In just half a year, it had already entered the top three in the industry!

“The question is, since the design of this product is so excellent, why did my brother leave the market with a grudge in Universe Corporation’s internal bidding?

“Or is there something shocking about the product that defeated my brother? Is there a storm in the market right now?”


The question suppressed the fury of many people.

There were indeed a lot of twists and turns in the recent internal bidding for the enhancement of the exoskeleton that were not worthy of being talked about by outsiders.

Firstly, Shen Yuanbao had a very doted youngest son, “Shen Yuxiong.”He was a gifted spiritual mechanical designer who was best at designing personal equipment such as spiritual s.h.i.+elds, strengthened exoskeletons, and artificial limbs, he had already made a name for himself when he was in university, and all kinds of newcomer awards in the industry had been given to him.

Therefore, although he did not have much experience in the industry, after he graduated from university, he directly entered Universe Corporation’s core design and manufacturing department and was responsible for developing a brand-new strengthened exoskeleton, he was competing with the veteran designer, Shen Chengxiu.

To Shen Yuanbao, Shen Chengxiu was just an adopted son who was not related by blood.

Shen Yuxiong was not only his youngest son whom he doted on very much, but his mother was also a member of one of the nine n.o.ble cultivation families.

With his father’s doting and his mother’s ma.s.sive support of resources, it was not a fair compet.i.tion from the very beginning.

On the other hand, the internal bidding for the strengthened exoskeleton was also part of the blood descendants’plan to take back the power, resources, and channels from the foster sons step by step.

Due to their age and experience, the foster sons were mostly strong. They were in charge of many key departments, core projects, and important industrial chains under Universe Corporation.

Among them, the manufacture of spirit machinery was one of the most profitable and strategically valuable industrial chains.

Since Shen Yuanbao’s bloodline was gradually growing, it was only natural that he wanted to take back what was rightfully theirs from his unrelated brothers, sisters, uncles, and uncles.

As long as Shen Yuxiong won the internal bidding.

Starting from the production of the new strengthened exoskeleton and the nibbling of the whale, one day, he would be able to seize the entire spirit machinery manufacturing industry chain into the hands of the blood descendants.

By then, the foster children would have to retire obediently. Universe Corporation would be the world of the blood descendants of the Shen family.

It was almost an unbreakable plot.

But the blood descendants did not calculate three things.

First, Shen Yuanbao had been seriously injured in the battle against the main brain of the monster. He had been in seclusion for more than half a year, and his control over the Shen family and Universe Corporation was not as good as before.

After losing the suppression of Shen Yuanbao, many of his adopted sons relied on their seniority and power to regard themselves as the pillars of Universe Corporations. They became more and more arrogant and despotic.

Second, no matter how talented Shen Yuxiong was, he was still a newcomer in the industry. He lacked some maturity. Half of the design awards that he had received in his university days relied on strength, and the other half were won by the Shen family through money and resources, he was forcefully promoted.

Perhaps he would be able to become a very outstanding spirit machinery designer if he was given another ten years of time to settle down and hone himself.

But now, he had to take charge of his own business. He was not qualified enough to fight against an experienced expert like Shen Chengxiu.

Third, no one would have thought that Shen Chengxiu would actually dare to go so far. After the internal bidding failed, he would either not do it or not stop. He would directly set up a company outside, kick the Shen family aside, and start his own business!

Of course, during Shen Chengxiu’s tenure at Universe Corporation, he relied on the corporation’s resources and facilities to develop all products, including designs. The intellectual property rights of all products belonged to Universe Corporation.

If the design of Shenxiu Machinery really came from Shen Chengxiu, it would undoubtedly be a commercial infringement.

Universe Corporation could file a lawsuit and sue Shenxiu Machinery to bankruptcy.

However, commercial infringement was always very difficult to determine.

Shen Chengxiu had been in the industry for decades, so he was very clear about the boundary between “Commercial infringement”and “Similar design”.

If he really wanted to make a big fuss and file a lawsuit, it would take at least three to five years before the outcome was determined.

From the moment Universe Corporation sued Shenxiu Machinery and Shen Chengxiu himself, the problem of the factional struggle within the Shen family would be presented to the tens of millions of citizens of dragon city without any concealment.

Even the Ancients knew that “family scandals should not be exposed.”

What if Shen Chengxiu stood in the dock and gave a long speech, spouting out all the scandals of the internal bidding of the Shen family, the injustice he had suffered, and all kinds of groundless scandals.

Would the Shen family still want their face?

How would Universe Corporation’s corporate image be maintained?

How low would Universe Corporation’s share prices plummet?

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